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The Fallon Blood: A Captivating Historical Romance

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Consider experimenting with fiction outside the realms of fantasy by picking up the evocative series of Fallon books.

Penned by the renowned Wheel of Time author Robert Jordan under his Reagan O’Neal pseudonym, The Fallon Blood takes readers on an enthralling journey back to the American Revolution. This historical romance introduces us to Michael Fallon, an Irishman fleeing the haunting shadows of death.

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Robert Jordan’s Alter Ego

Robert Jordan, famous for his epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time and contributions to the Conan franchise, excels in a different genre with The Fallon Blood. Under the name Reagan O’Neal, he crafted this novel and two more in the Fallon series: The Fallon Legacy and The Fallon Pride.

Whether an Irish name was adopted to complement the heritage of his protagonist remains a mystery. What we do know is that The Fallon Blood marked Robert Jordan’s debut as a published author in a different and unexpected genre.

A Departure From the Familiar

Readers familiar with Robert Jordan’s works will find his signature writing style in The Fallon Blood. The characters are meticulously developed, their motives laid bare, and descriptions abound, bringing the settings and characters to vivid life.

However, brace yourself for a surprise in the very first chapter – a full-fledged sex scene, a departure from Jordan’s typical narrative style. It’s a reminder that, at its core, The Fallon Blood is a historical romance that doesn’t shy away from passionate moments.

The Intriguing Plot

Michael Fallon, born into poverty as the son of Irish parents, escapes a life of hardship as an enslaved child. With a solemn vow to lift his future children from the depths of destitution, he joins the army and learns the art of the sword.

Fallon manages to secure a small piece of land in his native Ireland until an unfortunate incident forces him to flee to the American colonies, where he becomes indentured to a wealthy merchant in South Carolina.

In the New World, Michael’s life takes a dramatic turn as he becomes infatuated with the merchant’s daughter, Elizabeth. He transitions from a rice planter to a privateer, all while the flames of revolution sweep through the colonies.

Amid rivalries, a secret child, the chaos of war, and the joys of love and family, The Fallon Blood is a tale of ambition, fate, and the inevitable shedding of blood.

Historical Significance

Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, The Fallon Blood weaves historical events and figures into its narrative. Readers will encounter significant battles, including the pivotal Battle of Cowpens, the fierce Battle of Kings Mountain, and the blood-soaked Battle of Eutaw Springs.

The story also introduces historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Charles Cornwallis, and the notorious Banastra “Butcher” Tarleton, providing a rich historical background for readers to explore.

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A 2012 paperback edition is also available, with ISBN-10: 0765369958 and ISBN-13: 978-0765369956. Get your copy at Amazon through these links:

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The Fallon Blood offers a captivating blend of history, romance, and Robert Jordan’s unmistakable storytelling prowess. The novel promises an immersive experience in the turbulent era of the American Revolution. So, pick up a copy or listen in, and let the vivid characters and historical tapestry of The Fallon Blood transport you to a time when destiny was written in the blood of heroes.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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