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The Wheel of Time Panel at CCXP 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil

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The Wheel of Time TV series must know it has two “prime” assets on its hands after offering up Ceara Coveney and Dónal Finn to represent the show for a second successive Comic Con. The pair made an excellent debut in New York City, and Kate Fleetwood completed the team for The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022 in São Paulo.

I’ll share what was seen and heard in Brazil on 3 December 2022, including a video replay from the cast’s Omelete interview. I hope you enjoy learning what The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022 had to say.

São Paulo skyline. Blue text reads, “The Wheel of Time Panel at CCXP 2022, São Paulo, Brazil.”

The Wheel of Time Panel at CCXP 2022

There was a buzz in São Paulo, Brazil, when Prime Video arrived to highlight its flagship shows. Kate Fleetwood, Ceara Coveney, and Dónal Finn made up The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022, but they mingled with the excitable crowd before they sat down.

The cast participated in a photoshoot, leaning against or sitting on the Amyrlin Seat in a White Tower set made up for the occasion. It looks spectacular.

Guests could experience wielding the One Power, just like Moiraine Sedai, and interact with the cast, who were also open to questions.

Take a look…

There was a press conference and a sit-down interview panel, the seating decidedly more comfortable than in New York.

For the press, Ceara Coveney says, “I feel very confident that fans’ expectations will be exceeded. You’re in for a real treat for Season 2.” Encouraging words that I hope ring true when we finally get to watch Season 2 of The Wheel of Time TV series.

Let’s look at what else was said by The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022 when they spoke with Omelete from the cushioned comforts of a sofa.

Kate Fleetwood at CCXP22

Liandrin Guirale, the prickly Red Sister who gets haughty with Moiraine and petitions for Logain’s gentling in Season 1 of The Wheel of Time, is played by Kate Fleetwood. Her performance last time out was superb, elevating a derisory character from the books and remarkably capturing the Aes Sedai’s insensitivity. I was, therefore, thrilled to see Kate Fleetwood at CCXP22, and she did most of the talking in the Omelete interview.

The Wheel of Time Production

Kate spoke about walking into the White Tower set for the first time and how staggering that was. The scale is unbelievable, she says of the production, and we can expect the same from Season 2. The attention to detail paid by designers and artisans preparing sets and costumes for the show is “phenomenal.”

Regarding The Wheel of Time production, Kate Fleetwood admits that the show is a massive epic fantasy with all the elements you might expect from the genre. She believes, however, that The Wheel of Time is led by its characters and their relationships. The intimate moments bring the greatest joy and lift the show. Season 2 will continue exploring these elements alongside the marquee events from the fantasy book series.

The Wheel of Time is overtly fantastical, Kate Fleetwood explains, and its design is inspired by epic stories. The show empowers its audience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the story and follow the extravagant arcs without feeling patronized.

Readers of The Wheel of Time

Kate Fleetwood is surprised by the number of people who have read The Wheel of Time books and how they have been life-changing for people, spurring their involvement and passion. One of the hosts lets on that her mother has read the books and began raving when she heard about the TV series.

Kate reiterates what we have heard from showrunner Rafe Judkins before. He is closely connected to the series because his mum introduced him to the books, and they read them together.

It’s great that parents are introducing their children to The Wheel of Time, Kate Fleetwood adds. You can tell from her cheerful gleam that she means it.

Playing Liandrin

Kate Fleetwood is a mother and beams at the privilege and power bestowed on her character in the show. If only she could draw on the One Power at home! She describes her part’s passion for supremacy as “unhealthy” when taking a more serious tone on Liandrin Sedai.

I envy Kate’s excitement about receiving The Wheel of Time scripts. They provide bountiful opportunities for the actors who can mine their parts for ideas. It’s a nourishing experience and gives the actors many exciting choices.

Final Words

Kate Fleetwood thinks The Wheel of Time works on many levels because it is so diverse – “it is Buddhist, Taoist, Christian,” she gives as examples, “and the politics is so interesting.”

Wrapping things up for the threesome, Kate Fleetwood praises Rosamund Pike. She says Rosamund is a brilliant leader of their company of actors and knits them all together. She is adored for looking after the whole company and has incredible commitment, having relocated for the show.

It’s great to hear these actors, and especially one so revered as Kate Fleetwood, speak so freely and joyously about their work. It gives me goosebumps for the show… excitement (not fear or the cold, ha!).

Ceara Coveney at CCXP22

Ceara Coveney at CCXP22 was joy in a human package. She will play the privileged heir of Andor, Elayne Trakand, in Season 2 of The Wheel of Time.

While Elayne is a perfect candidate for Snog, Marry, or Avoid games in the books (with many readers choosing to steer clear), I can’t see myself disliking the royal hero on screen.

That is especially true with Ceara Coveney taking on the part since rumor has it she “just is” Elayne Trakand. Ceara’s nervous energy and winning smile have delighted me at these public events, so I don’t doubt those whispered expectations.

Ceara Coveney tells us how exciting it is to live in Robert Jordan’s fantasy world. She can’t believe that’s literally her job! She also describes the costumes as “out of this world,” but has been working 16-hour days, so don’t be too jealous.


Ceara Coveney also lets on that The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022 has been hanging out with The Rings of Power cast. They’re lovely, Ceara assures us (referring to The Rings of Power actors Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Trystan Gravelle, and Sara Zwangobani).

Regarding The Wheel of Time cast, Ceara says it is incredible to work with everyone, playing with the contrasting character dynamics, and won’t be drawn on picking out a favorite partnership on screen.

Speaking about the books, she’s learned that everyone can relate to one or more characters because there are so many in the series. She also hasn’t met anyone who doesn’t love the series after they’ve read it!

Learning to Channel

Ceara Coveney’s most revealing contribution was when she talked about channeling practice with The Wheel of Time’s movement director. The process involved establishing where Elayne ends up as a channeler of the One Power and working backward to discover how this grew and how it began.

She used her creativity to discover what kind of channeler Elayne is – because everyone is different – and how she harnesses the One Power. It was a personal journey using nuggets from Elayne’s future, and sounds exhilarating.

This process helped Ceara Coveney develop her unique spin on drawing from the Source. Fascinating stuff, and kudos to Scarlet (apologies if I’m spelling that wrong), who worked with Ceara on finding magic!

Dónal Finn at CCXP22

The impeccably charming Dónal Finn replaces Barney Harris as Matrim Cauthon in Season 2 of The Wheel of Time. He certainly has a winsome personality that will help him nail the role.

Dónal also has praise for the behind-the-scenes crew. Everything is so well crafted that the acting is all but done for him. It makes it so much easier when you walk on set, and you don’t have to pretend you’re in a dungeon because you actually are!

He echoes Kate Fleetwood’s point that, although huge things are happening, the one-to-one scenes with other characters excite the actors. It shows the human side of their journeys.

Young Readers

I was pleased to hear Dónal Finn speak about growing up with the books and their characters. I always mention this when I recommend the series to families.

People start reading the books at 10 or 12, Dónal tells us, and it takes them quite a few years to read the series. It means they have the experience of growing up with the characters, which is terrific and creates an emotional connection.

Finding Mat and Replacing Barney Harris

In replacing Barney Harris and finding the character of Mat, Dónal Finn has taken a thoughtful approach. He had considered watching parts of Season 1 to study Barney’s work. However, he trusts that consistency in the character’s voice and personality will suffice for continuity.

Dónal Finn found Mat’s energy and spirit from the text in the books. He thinks that capturing Mat’s overriding characteristics, derived from the source material, is the key and can be done by any actor playing the part. Mat’s Everyman story feeds Dónal’s performance. He has picked up the boy’s energy, spirit, and personal life from lines written by Robert Jordan. Good lad!

It was great to see Dónal Finn at CCXP22. I am quietly confident that he will sparkle like a firework on screen and blow us all away!

The Wheel of Time Panel at CCXP 2022 Video

Watch the Omelete interview with Kate Fleetwood, Ceara Coveney, and Dónal Finn below. The Wheel of Time sent out three charismatic cast members who are oozing with talent and happy to chat freely.

Season 2 of The Wheel of Time is blessed to have these three actors in prominent roles, and they are wholesome representatives of the show. I can’t imagine how stressful these conventions must be, but you wouldn’t know it from their smiles and amenable postures.

Have a watch:

Prime Video Assets at CCXP 2022

I hope you enjoyed this summary of The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022, but let me tell you about the other shows taking part in the São Paulo Comic-Con.

I’ve mentioned that The Rings of Power was there with actors Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Queen Regent Miriel), Ismael Cruz Córdova (Arondir), Trystan Gravelle (Pharazôn), and Sara Zwangobani (Marigold Brandyfoot). Much like The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022, they gushed their gratitude and passion for Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings show.

Ismael Cruz Córdova spoke in Portuguese about his personal experience, which roused the Brazilian crowd. Fans also got to see a replica Balrog and a Númenórean ship!

Chloë Grace Moretz (Flynne Fisher) and executive producer Lisa Joy were in attendance for The Peripheral. The futuristic sci-fi has just completed its first season, and its star said of her role, “I was always into video games growing up. They gave me the mental edge on my brothers, and that’s how I kicked their ass.” Nice.

Jack Ryan cast members Michael Kelly (Mike November) and Betty Gabriel (Elizabeth Wight) were also at CCXP22. They hyped the third season of their Tom Clancy action / political thriller adaptation.

As an extra special treat for attendees, there was also an exclusive glimpse of the forthcoming The Boys spin-off show, Gen V. The Boys has a massive Brazilian following, so I’m sure this went down very well (an immersion experience was also put on for fans).

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Well, that’s everything for today, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed my look at The Wheel of Time panel at CCXP 2022.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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