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The Wheel of Time Prequel: A Wish Fulfilled

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This is my hub page for The Wheel of Time prequel, New Spring, by Robert Jordan. The novel is a beautiful addition to the main series, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you haven’t done so already.

I’ll tell you everything you might want to know about the book and provide answers to frequently asked questions. I’ll also point you to additional content at The Shining Walls with New Spring at its heart. I’ve put my feelings into words to give you a sense of the book’s potency, and I hope you’ll find your experience as rewarding as mine.

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A Wish Fulfilled

New Spring tells the story of how Moiraine and Lan’s lives become entwined; it gives us the moment Lan is bonded; it shows us the scene where Moiraine and Siuan bear witness to Gitara’s Foretelling; and it brings urgency to the quest to find the Dragon Reborn.

There are cameos from familiar, ageless faces and a story that weaves all these delightful parts together. So, although no one wanted a delay to the main series, this prequel novel gave fans of The Wheel of Time a beginning to the beginning, and we all craved that.

New Spring cover art by Darrell K. Sweet. Moiraine rides her bay mare alongside Borderlanders and packhorses.
New Spring cover art by Darrell K. Sweet

I remember Robert Jordan planned to write 3 books describing adventures in the years before Moiraine arrived in the Two Rivers. Tragically, the author passed away 3 years after publishing this novel. We got the brush of pleasure from Lan and Moiraine’s beginning, but those other prequels are in the heavens now.

It means New Spring is a blessed and precious novel that scratches an itch that would have hobbled me had it remained unwritten. The book delights its readers by being strong in character and sharply crafted. The dialogue is on point, and although the plot is thin, it makes for a cozy experience.

I felt despondent when New Spring was published in 2004 because it wasn’t Knife of Dreams (which came out the following year). As keen as I was, this book was like a mini bar of chocolate and consumed as fast. It tasted good, but I was still hungry.

I can enjoy New Spring much more now and savor what it brings to The Wheel of Time. I am grateful to Robert Jordan for giving us the pond moment and bonding me to Moiraine as tightly as her Warder. So, thank you, Robert Jordan. I have toh!

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New Spring Summary

New Spring tells the story of Moiraine Damodred, a woman who can channel magic. She completes her training in the White Tower but faces a stiff test to become a full Aes Sedai.

Before she dons the shawl, Moiraine and her best friend, Siuan Sanche, bear witness to a Foretelling. It ends the life of the woman speaking it and begins a lifelong mission for Moiraine and Siuan. The birth of a baby amidst war has fulfilled a long-feared prophecy. It’s a fruition no one wants to see in their lifetime and a truth that must be kept secret at all costs.

Thus begins Moiraine’s search for the child, a quest defining her life and choices. She must find the boy before the Dark One’s servants and before her superiors, like puppeteers, drag her into a position she has no desire to hold.

Moiraine will share her destiny with al’Lan Mandragoran, an exiled king and a warrior.

Shadowspawn came for Lan’s nation when he was still an infant, but he has been fighting invaders from the Aiel Waste recently. The last days of the Aiel War are playing out on the bloody snow outside the Shining Walls, and Lan has been in the thick of it.

Another call to action comes to the swordsman as the Aiel disperse. He learns that his first lover plans to raise his banner in the reclamation of lost Malkier. Lan must return to the north.

Dark forces and Darkfriends are massing in the Borderlands. Paths collide, and dangerous traps await both protagonists as Moiraine and Lan’s lives entwine.

New Spring Book Blurb

“The prequel novel to the globally bestselling Wheel of Time series – a fantasy phenomenon.

The city of Canluum lies close to the scarred and desolate wastes of the Blight, a walled haven from the dangers away to the north and a refuge from the ill works of those who serve the Dark One. Or so it is said. The city that greets al’Lan Mandragoran, exiled king of Malkier and the finest swordsman of his generation, is instead one that is rife with rumor and the whisperings of Shadowspawn. Proof, should he have required it, that the Dark One grows powerful once more and that his minions are at work throughout the lands.

And yet, it is within Canluum’s walls that Lan will meet a woman who will shape his destiny. Moiraine is a young and powerful Aes Sedai who has journeyed to the city in search of a bondsman. She requires aid in a desperate quest to prove the truth of a vague and largely discredited prophecy — one that speaks of a means to turn back the shadow and of a child who may be the Dragon Reborn.”

from (publisher’s synopsis)

New Spring FAQ

I aim to answer all your questions about New Spring, but these are the most common queries. Ask me anything else about the novel in the comments section below this post. I will update this New Spring FAQ with anything I’ve missed.

Who Wrote New Spring?

New Spring, the prequel novel to The Wheel of Time fantasy series, was written by Robert Jordan (an alias used by James Oliver Rigney Jr). Robert Jordan was an American author born in 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina. He died of cardiac amyloidosis in 2007, and this was his penultimate book as a living writer.

When Was New Spring Published?

New Spring was first published in the United States on 6 January 2004 by Tor Books. New Spring was first released in the UK by Orbit on 2 December 2004. Orbit is an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group, and they publish The Wheel of Time books in the United Kingdom.

How Many Chapters Are There in New Spring?

New Spring has 26 chapters and an epilogue.

How Long is New Spring?

The chapters and epilogue have a joint word count of 116,175. The 2021 Orbit paperback edition has 397 story pages.

How Long Does it Take to Read New Spring?

Based on a reading speed of 200-250 words per minute (an average pace), New Spring should take between 7.5 and 9.5 hours to read.

Should I Read New Spring Before The Eye of the World?

Unless you’re a stickler for chronology (lousy choice of genre if you are), then the answer is no, you shouldn’t read New Spring until you’ve grown familiar with The Wheel of Time and, more specifically, its Aes Sedai.

The prequel is best enjoyed at some point after Book 4, The Shadow Rising, and sagely left until after Book 10, Crossroads of Twilight, to follow the series in order of publication. Read more here.

Why is The Wheel of Time Prequel Called New Spring?

The title New Spring is symbolic. Winter has lingered in the Westlands as New Spring begins, a sign of the Dark One’s growing presence. Snow covers the slopes of Dragonmount, where the Dragon is reborn. This heralds the birth of the Light’s Champion and the world’s hope of salvation. A new dawn (or new Spring), if you will.

Does the Battle of the Blood Snow Take Place in New Spring?

The Battle of the Blood Snow is also known as the Battle of the Shining Walls (Tar Valon) and was the bitter battle at the end of the Aiel War. It is referenced in New Spring, but there are no scenes from the fighting depicted in the book, bar an opening chapter that doesn’t result in open conflict and takes place three leagues away from the glistening city.

The Battle of the Blood Snow has been raging outside Tar Valon as the story begins, but, like Moiraine, the reader is denied any first-hand experience except within the relative comforts of the White Tower.

Daniel Greene’s New Spring Review

Daniel Greene is a YouTube legend for delivering fantasy news and reviews. He’s also an author of fantasy (as Daniel B. Greene) with the Lawful Times series.

If you are interested, the links below are to the Amazon pages for his first two books:

I am generally synchronized with Daniel Greene’s views since he shares a passion for The Wheel of Time series. I’m therefore pleased to share Daniel Greene’s New Spring book review with you. I’ve skipped the introduction so you can listen in from the beginning of the review segment.

About New Spring’s Author

Robert Jordan

Photograph of author Robert Jordan.
Robert Jordan by Jeanne Collins

Robert Jordan is the favored writing alias for South Carolina’s James Oliver Rigney Jr.

Born in 1948 in Charleston, Jordan devoured books in his youth, reading well ahead of any expectation from age four. He would graduate with a degree in physics from the military college of South Carolina, The Citadel, before becoming an established author.

Robert Jordan completed two tours in Vietnam with the US Army and was decorated for his service. After that, he wrote historical romance, Westerns, The Wheel of Time, and other fantasies, including books for the Conan franchise.

The author enjoyed tactical games like poker, chess, and pool (depending on how you play) and outdoor pastimes such as fishing, hunting, and sailing. He passed away in 2007 with The Wheel of Time series incomplete. It was finished by Brandon Sanderson, who used Robert Jordan’s own words, unpublished notes, and dictations to complete the series in collaboration with Team Jordan.

Explore The Wheel of Time Prequel

The pitter, patter of my keyboard is the sound of more praise for Robert Jordan’s New Spring. If you want to explore The Wheel of Time prequel in more depth, here’s what you can find at The Shining Walls right now:

When to Read New Spring

One of the most common questions about The Wheel of Time is when should you read the prequel? It is often debated, but I’ve compiled a brief thesis on when to read New Spring that might help you decide. Tap the image to go there now:

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Best Quotes from New Spring

As he does for the main series of The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan fills New Spring with eloquent language that trips nicely off the tongue. I do my best to champion these memorable lines by listing my favorite quotes from New Spring on this site.

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Shop for New Spring Today

If you want to feast your eyes on New Spring already, The Shining Walls Store has all you can hope for. The Wheel of Time prequel can be bought as a paperback or hardcover, and there’s also a Kindle edition. To be fully immersed, why not try the audiobook and graphic novel too?

Tap the images below to find your preferred format, more book info, and a choice of retailers.

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New Spring: The Novella

New Spring was initially published as a novella in one of Robert Silverberg’s Legends anthologies. These contained short-form stories by some of the world’s most respected fantasy authors – Terry Brooks, George R. R. Martin, Tad Williams, Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman, to name a few.

The early version of New Spring was part of the 1998 collection, which you can still buy at Amazon (links below). You’ll find it resembles the latter half of the novel.

Please return to this hub page soon for more New Spring content and buzz. Any content suggestions are warmly welcomed, and your feedback is too, so please use the comments section below this post. I quickly respond to questions or criticisms and your positive vibes, too.

I hope you find my coverage of New Spring entertaining and that you’ll continue exploring The Wheel of Time book series with me. I’m making my own wish fulfillments here at The Shining Walls. Long may it continue.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


Books on a yellow background with yellow and white typography. It is a clickable link to the “Best Quotes from New Spring” post.
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