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An Epic Tale of Love and Hate: A Crown of Swords Audiobook

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A Crown of Swords Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Rand in Shadar Logoth.

A Crown of Swords isn’t your typical fantasy adventure. Love blossoms amidst rising shadows and bonds of fellowship are tested under danger and duress. Following Dumai’s Wells, Rand al’Thor’s actions weigh heavy, and his path is stalked by an ancient evil fueled by a hatred that has burned through the Ages.

In the A Crown of Swords audiobook, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer capture the epic clashes and heart-wrenching choices that define Book 7 of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. You’ll experience the desperation of betrayal, the chilling grip of paranoia, and the flickering hope that love brings.

I’ll share how to find A Crown of Swords on Audible and alternatives for those who prefer to buy without a subscription. You’ll also learn more about these fantastic narrators and where to sample the audiobook before you get going.

This isn’t a story for the faint of heart. It explores the darkest corners of human nature, exploring themes of manipulation, loss, and the cost of power. But through it all, the audiobook delivers a captivating experience, weaving a tapestry of love and hate, loyalty and betrayal.

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An Epic Tale of Love and Hate

A Crown of Swords throws heroes and villains into a maelstrom of chaos. Murder, blackmail, and malevolence are worn as weapons, but love flickers in the darkness, a ray of light in the face of despair.

Rand’s traumas deepen as he clashes with Padan Fain and a ruthless Forsaken. Egwene rallies the rebel Aes Sedai in Salidar, determined to combat Elaida’s misguided reign in the White Tower. And amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope remains, but will Elayne, Nynaeve, and Aviendha find it before shadows consume them all?

I’ve always found this book particularly compelling – the stakes are high, loyalties are tested, and sacrifices must be made. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s voices add an unforgettable dimension, making every battle cry and whispered doubt resonate through the narration. It’s a story that leaves a lasting impression, and I recommend you download the audiobook and get started immediately!

A Crown of Swords Narrators: The Wheel of Time Royalty

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are the undisputed king and queen of The Wheel of Time audiobooks. Their voices have become inseparable from Robert Jordan’s world, and A Crown of Swords is a testament to their brilliance. They breathe life into this epic novel’s characters, battles, and heartbreaks with every word.

More than just narrators, they’re audiobook legends:

  • A Marriage of Voices: Their real-life partnership shines through their work. For over 30 years, they’ve honed their craft side-by-side, creating a captivating blend of voices and interpretations.
  • Lovers of the Craft: Working from their home studio demonstrates their dedication and passion. They’re not just voices for hire; they’re champions of audiobooks, even sharing their knowledge to guide aspiring narrators.

In A Crown of Swords, their magic shines through:

  • Capturing Complexity: From Rand’s internal turmoil to Mat’s sly humor, they give each character an unforgettable voice, making it easy to lose yourself in the story.
  • Broad Range: They convey the emotional depths of this book with unmatched skill – the chilling betrayals, the desperate struggles, and the flickers of love that defy despair.
  • Immersive Experience: Their clear diction and masterful pacing make sure you don’t miss a single detail. Close your eyes, and their voices will transport you to the heart of Robert Jordan’s world.

If you want to truly experience the spectrum of emotions that define A Crown of Swords, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer offer the definitive listening experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the series, prepare to be captivated by their legendary skill.

A Crown of Swords Book Blurb

“In A Crown of Swords, the seventh novel in Robert Jordan’s #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, a rebellious uprising threatens Rand al’Thor’s rule as he prepares to battle an even more dangerous enemy.

Incited by nobles seeking to reclaim their places of power, armies march against the Dragon Reborn. As Rand tries to restore order, he discovers a lack of loyalty even among the warrior Aiel and still mistrusts the rebel Aes Sedai even though they swore allegiance.

But nothing can stop Rand and his Asha’man soldiers from storming the city of Illian to confront the Forsaken Sammael and challenge him to a duel of the One Power with the winner taking the Crown of Swords…”

[Publisher’s synopsis, sourced from Amazon]

Download A Crown of Swords on Amazon

Experience the magic of The Wheel of Time with legendary narrators Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. Their award-winning voices have become synonymous with the series, bringing Robert Jordan’s world to life. AudioFile magazine recognized Kate Reading as the “Best Voice in Science Fiction and Fantasy” for two consecutive years – a sign of their brilliance!

Own Your Copy Today:

  • Purchase: Click the links below to purchase the A Crown of Swords audiobook on Amazon and add it to your permanent library without needing a subscription.
  • Listen with Audible Credits: Already an Audible member? Use your existing credits to download A Crown of Swords to your Audible library and enjoy it anytime. The links are the same.
  • Try Before You Buy: Want to sample the audiobook before you purchase? These international links to Amazon also let you listen to a preview:

Listen to A Crown of Swords on Audible

Experience The Wheel of Time in an unforgettable new way with your Audible trial. Download A Crown of Swords for FREE and discover:

Start Your Adventure Today!

  • Truly Free: Listen to A Crown of Swords without spending a dime, and keep it forever even if you cancel (new members only).
  • Discover Your Next Favorite: Audible’s vast library holds an abundant horde of captivating stories waiting to be heard.
  • The Wheel of Time Reimagined: Experience Robert Jordan’s epic in a fresh, immersive format.

Enjoy A Crown of Swords on Audible in these countries:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

A Crown of Swords Audio CD

For dedicated fans and collectors, the A Crown of Swords audio CD offers a unique way to revisit Robert Jordan’s epic. Narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer and featuring the iconic Darrell K. Sweet cover art, this 2006 edition by Audio Renaissance is a cherished part of Wheel of Time lore.

A Crown of Swords Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Rand in Shadar Logoth.
A Crown of Swords Audio CD

Purchase Options

ISBN-10: 1593979762

ISBN-13: 978-1593979768

You’ll find A Crown of Swords on audio CD by browsing these outlets:


AbeBooks is an excellent stop for those seeking unique and vintage audiobooks. Discover the thrill of finding A Crown of Swords audio CDs and other rare treats amongst their Wheel of Time selection!

Search results for A Crown of Swords audio CDs: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Ready to add this Wheel of Time classic to your audiobook collection? Find the A Crown of Swords audio CD on Amazon! With its global reach, Amazon offers convenient access to this beloved edition.

Explore your options:


Think of Biblio as your friendly neighborhood bookstore… but with shelves as vast as the globe. It’s where independent booksellers get to showcase their unique and diverse collections. A Crown of Swords audio CDs are on sale at

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Since 1879, Blackwell’s has been a trusted source for book lovers. Discover the epic battles and heart-wrenching choices of A Crown of Swords on audio CD, with global delivery. banner

Other Ways to Experience A Crown of Swords

Experience Robert Jordan’s epic in the format that suits you best:

Paperback: The classic, portable format is perfect for reading anywhere.

Hardcover: A beautiful and long-lasting addition to your bookshelf.

Kindle Edition: Take the adventure with you on your e-reader.

Have you listened to the A Crown of Swords audiobook? Let’s talk about it! Share your favorite moments, predictions, and lingering questions in the comments below.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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