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7 Great Reasons to Read The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan!

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I’ve put together a top 7 of great reasons to read The Wheel of Time book series, though, of course, anyone familiar with the 14-book fantasy saga (plus a prequel) knows there are far more. The novels endure, fascinate, and stand the test of, ha-ha, time!

So, if you’re thinking, “Should I read The Wheel of Time?” or even “Is The Wheel of Time worth reading?” let me put your mind at rest.

Stars and a heart coming out of a magic book with text reading “7 Great Reasons To Read The Wheel of Time.”

7 Great Reasons to Read The Wheel of Time

1) The Wheel of Time is Complete

Firstly, fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and The Kingkiller Chronicles might be pleased to know these books are finished! And they end spectacularly well. Of course, I won’t spoil the ending, but I think you’ll eat it up like custard when you get there.

Final The Wheel of Time book stood on top of books from other fantasy series still being written.

I want you to imagine raising a child from the squarks of infancy through their rebellious teens and experimental years at university. Imagine watching as their closest confidant in their battles and efforts in young adulthood. You’re backing them all the way as they start their careers and raise their own family.

Now imagine being there, having loved them through all their ups and downs, when they make their crowning achievement. When they become heroes of their generation.

Well, that’s the sense of pride and joy you’ll get when you complete The Wheel of Time. At least, that’s how I felt.

2) Growing Up with Rand al’Thor

One of the pleasures of my mid-teens was devouring these books as they were published. For this reason, I really recommend starting The Wheel of Time at a young age. If you still can, of course!

A boy amazed by a red book he reads, which seems to be shining from its pages.

Growing up with the characters can’t be replicated, but the length of each book and the size of this series allow young teenagers to enjoy a similar reading journey to mine. It was great following Rand al’Thor through innocence, troubles, and relationships at a time when I was also experiencing changes in myself and my world.

Rand wasn’t the most relatable character to me as a youth, but he is the pillar character that affects the lives of all, so he is a prime example. The Wheel of Time has a cast of thousands, male and female, so there is almost certainly someone who will capture the interest and imagination of a young person.

I’m still re-reading these books as an adult, so those of older generations can still enjoy the series from the start, too.

3) The Wheel of Time is not Medieval and Re-Invents High Fantasy

So much modern fantasy features knights and castles set in the 11th to 15th centuries, but The Wheel of Time doesn’t do that. The Ages that come and pass are Earth’s future and its past. Think late 17th century in concept for this series (but without gunpowder), at least for the 3rd Age, which is our plot’s era.

While there are beasts and creatures in the many shapes of Shadowspawn, The Wheel of Time has humans at its heart. This subverts the typical high fantasy worlds of dwarves, orcs, and elves and makes the series accessible.

Painting of a 17th Century landscape with farming activity.

4) The Wheel of Time Characters

The characters in The Wheel of Time are thoroughly wholesome to read, even the minor ones, and Robert Jordan embeds these characters in our souls.

We see the story from multiple viewpoints, creating exciting dynamics and interactions. I love the main protagonists, but reading characters like Bayle Domon, Egeanin, Alviarin, and even Elaida (just a few examples) brings joy to my heart. I promise you’ll discover your own affections, and if you’re a cosplay fan, then The Wheel of Time has hundreds of options for you.

There is occasional exasperation from the reader (because the author gives us more intelligence) when characters behave in a way that we know to be ill-advised. And, while relationship building is often flimsy in Jordan’s writing for The Wheel of Time, some of his characters match up, and we ship them (I won’t spoil which).

Moiraine Sedai
Moiraine Sedai

The nuances of the people in this world, the foreshadowing, and the false narratives will persuade you to keep reading. The people feel real, and you get to know all their quirks and fashion preferences throughout the adventure.

Robert Jordan’s characterizations are so good that your favorite character, in the beginning, will change as their personalities grow throughout the series. This is particularly true if you’re growing up with the books.

5) Re-reading The Wheel of Time

The re-readability factor is a hallmark of The Wheel of Time book series. The books are layered with foreshadowing from the start, and many payoffs don’t occur until much later in the series. I’ve discovered something new every time I’ve re-read the books, and you will, too.

It means we can ironically enjoy The Wheel of Time all over again, maybe with a new perspective or the simple pleasure of knowing what comes next.

I’m not the only person to have read the complete series multiple times, listened through it with the audiobooks, and gawped wondrously at the graphic novels. Of course, I can also watch The Wheel of Time TV series!

There are companion books to explore and many YouTube channels broadcasting exclusive The Wheel of Time content. The Wheel is still turning, you’ll find, with a beautiful community of fans.

A variety of The Wheel of Time books on a patchwork rug.

6) The Wheel of Time World and its Magic System

The Wheel of Time is a story of discovery, and worldbuilding is an excellent strength in Robert Jordan’s writing. All the nations and cultures are nuanced, and all the places feel real.

Robert Jordan was inspired by historical events, myths, and legends and by the people of our real world. It all shines through on the page, and being there is brilliant. When you add in the context of landscapes, environments, and politics, it also makes sense.

There’s just a lot going on in this broad and expanding world. It’s marvelous forming images of places in your head, and you’ll have your own opinions on the ethics or motivations of those we read about.

The magic system fits into the world perfectly and is as complex as you want it to be. There is fear of having magic and fear of being without it. There are chains and reactions, consequences and constraints… some dire! So, no one can righteously argue that Robert Jordan didn’t nail it regarding the One Power.

A red-eyed woman with dark hair has magic weaves in front of her face.

7) Diversity in The Wheel of Time

Although our figurehead is a young white male, the diversity in The Wheel of Time puts it ahead of its time (the books were chiefly written in the 1990s and early to mid-2000s).

We have female protagonists with plenty of power and agency, people of color, people of wealth and poverty, and people of prejudice. There are religious zealots, tribal communities, and even a traveling circus. Farmers, tradespeople, merchants, soldiers, lords, and monarchs exist. A cast in the thousands that brings a diverse, beautiful feel to Robert Jordan’s world.

The Wheel of Time fandom is a broad church, too – the LGBTQ+ communities and most ethnicities and age groups are all vocal. There are no barriers to entry with Robert Jordan’s fantasy series. It can be enjoyed whatever your background (it is undoubtedly represented) and regardless of your political or religious beliefs.

Is The Wheel of Time Worth Reading?

There are between 4,199,660 and 4,325,879 words in The Wheel of Time series (depending on whether you include the prequel and/or the additional prologue for The Eye of the World). Of course, I must trust the data at my disposal here (sourced mainly from A Wheel of Time Wiki), but that’s the ballpark we’re playing in. That’s a lot of reading!

It will take nearly 300 hours to complete The Wheel of Time, so I understand why people might ask whether reading the series is worth their time, but my answer is swift. We’re talking just shy of a fortnight to read The Wheel of Time without any sleep. It’s a vacation-length adventure that you’ll talk about for far longer than your stay. It’s a bucket list achievement and a feather in your cap.

For all the above reasons, The Wheel of Time is worth your earthly hours. Like The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time is an integral read for devotees of the fantasy genre, and I suggest you get started now!

Get Started on The Wheel of Time

It’s worth mentioning that The Wheel of Time is currently being adapted for television by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television. The first season aired in 2021, and Season 2 is on screens now. It’s more than likely that The Wheel of Time will gain a new generation of readers as a result. So, now is a great time to get started on the books.

The Eye of the World is The Wheel of Time’s first book. Although there’s a prequel, it’s worth waiting until you’re a few books in before reading New Spring. The best way to enter the series is with The Eye of the World. You can read more about the book by tapping the image below.

Books on a blue background. Blue and white text reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World: A Beginning.”

For a spectacular introduction to the series, you can enjoy The Eye of the World graphic novels, which have been reprinted in 2023! I have posts covering all available formats:

Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Paperback.”
Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Hardcover.”
Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Audiobook.”
Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Kindle Edition.”
Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Graphic Novels.”

I’ve written this post as much to invite your thoughts as I am to inspire new readers. What were your reasons for reading The Wheel of Time, and what would you say to anyone considering the series? Was it worth it? Share your stories in the comments section below this post. I always respond.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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