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Sparks of Courage: The Dragon Reborn Hardcover

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The Dragon Reborn hardcover, September 1991 edition from Tor Books. The cover has Rand, Mat, and Perrin in the Stone of Tear.

Sparks of courage ignite in the explosive third novel of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, The Dragon Reborn. Rand al’Thor accepts his destiny and intends to save the world alone, to the dismay of those who support him. Brave hearts are needed in the epic struggle between Light and Shadow, for new enemies and dangers are never far away.

If you’re like me, you’ll be swept away by the grandeur and resonance of this essential book, and The Dragon Reborn hardcover awaits those longing to continue this unforgettable journey. Discover where to purchase this vital piece of The Wheel of Time saga below, and let the adventure sweep you away once more!

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Sparks of Courage

Robert Jordan’s epic third installment in The Wheel of Time series, The Dragon Reborn, was first published in 1991. It’s a thrilling journey of discovery where loyalties fracture, choices have dire consequences, and the weight of prophecy crushes those who carry it.

Rand al’Thor, still reconciling the terrifying truth of his destiny, flees those who seek to guide him. Alone, he intends to claim the mythical Callandor and fulfill his role as the Dragon Reborn. Yet his loyal companions won’t abandon him so quickly, driven by a desperate hope to protect him – and the world – from his own power. Their courageous spirit may prove to be the world’s only chance of salvation.

Inside the Story: The Dragon Reborn explores the agonizing weight of choice, the insidious pull of power, and the unbreakable bonds forged in hardship. Witness Rand’s inner turmoil as he fights against his destiny. Observe how those around him dance with danger, some succumbing to ambition while others rise to challenge the growing darkness.

The Dragon Reborn Teaser Text (French Edition)

Le Dragon Réincarné, the French edition of The Dragon Reborn, features this alluring teaser text, translated for your enjoyment:

“The Wheel of Time turns faster. Rand must accept his destiny: he is the Dragon Reborn, and the Dark One awaits him. Lost and overwhelmed by his new powers, he sets out for the fabulous city of Tear. He must find the legendary sword Callandor there. It alone will give him a chance in the final battle. He leaves behind friends and allies who refuse to abandon him to his fate. They join him in Tear, where this fabulous epic will come to an end.”

Here’s where to find the best deals on The Dragon Reborn hardcover:

Where to Buy The Dragon Reborn Hardcovers

If you’re eager to continue this epic saga, it’s time to find your hardcover edition of The Dragon Reborn. I recommend the following retailers to start your search:


Amazon offer a good selection of The Dragon Reborn hardcover editions, both new and used. Speedy delivery is often just a click away.

1991 Hardcover Edition from Tor Books

This is the reprinted 1991 hardcover edition of The Dragon Reborn. Darrell K. Sweet’s cover shows Rand reaching towards Callandor in the Stone of Tear, with Perrin and Mat watching.


AbeBooks is a haven for the avid collector! Use my links to simplify your quest for The Dragon Reborn hardcover or explore new, used, and potentially rare editions at your leisure.

Search results for new copies: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio is a home for literary wonders! Embrace the thrill of discovery and seek out The Dragon Reborn hardcover amongst their offerings. Embark on an adventure through their virtual bookshelves by visiting

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Blackwell’s is a sanctuary for the written word! This time-honored UK bookseller offers The Dragon Reborn hardcover and speedy, worldwide delivery. banner is a preserve for book lovers and local bookstores! Find your The Dragon Reborn hardcover while championing the independent booksellers who enrich our communities. Let your purchase make a difference!

More Ways to Enjoy The Dragon Reborn

If The Dragon Reborn hardcover already graces your shelf, expand your Wheel of Time experience with these alternative formats:

The Dragon Reborn Paperback: An Extraordinary Tale

The Dragon Reborn Audiobook: An Epic Tale of Discovery

The Dragon Reborn Kindle Edition: Prophesy, Portents, and Traps

Did this guide help you find The Dragon Reborn hardcover edition? Let me know in the comments if you have any other Wheel of Time book-buying quests.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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