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Origins, Legends, and Shadow: New Spring Kindle Editions

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New Spring paperback, June 2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books. The cover has the snake-wheel symbol on a light yellow background.

Discover the foundational stories behind Moraine and Lan’s partnership with the New Spring Kindle edition. This prequel is a tapestry of beginnings, revealing the rich history and formidable characters that paved the path for the epic saga we know and love. It’s recommended reading for those who have already begun their journey through the main series of books. With some knowledge of the story, the novel offers deeper insight and enjoyment as it lays bare the origins of a world teeming with magic and conflict.

Suited for readers 12 and older, New Spring is not just a novel; it’s a gateway to understanding the motives and mysteries of two legendary characters. It’s the prequel novel to Robert Jordan’s spellbinding series, The Wheel of Time, and I hope you’ll buy the e-book to enjoy on your Kindle or other device today!

In this post, you’ll find links to purchase, download, and immerse yourself in a high fantasy masterpiece. Beyond just links, I’ll guide you through the vital characters and tease you with the publisher’s synopsis, setting the stage for an unforgettable reading experience. One I continue to enjoy immensely.

Books on a mustard-yellow background. Yellow and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Prequel: New Spring Kindle Edition.”

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I may receive a small commission if you buy through this article’s links. For more details, please refer to my affiliate disclosure.

Unveiling the Legends: Moiraine, Lan, and Siuan

A compelling foretelling ignites an urgent quest within the pages of New Spring. The mission: to locate a newborn prophesied as the savior of humanity, safeguarding them from the clutches of the Dark One’s malevolent servants. Our journey through this rich tapestry of fate and magic revolves around three pivotal characters:

  • Moiraine Damodred is a determined Accepted within the White Tower, the Aes Sedai’s bastion of mystical prowess. A chilling Foretelling veers Moiraine’s path toward a destiny entwined with the rebirth of a world-shattering force. Moiraine’s story is about courage and destiny, charged with an ominous mission.
  • Lan Mandragoran is a stoic exiled king and valiant soldier whose life of battling has honed him into a formidable force. Yet, fate and heritage call Lan back to the Borderlands as he confronts a past that refuses to fade. Turmoil awaits and a destiny he never anticipated.
  • Siuan Sanche is a fisherman’s daughter whose humble beginnings defy her fierce determination. Siuan is another Accepted standing shoulder to shoulder with Moiraine and forever tied to her cause. As a co-witness of the Foretelling, Siuan faces her own trials as dark secrets emerge.

As the story unfolds, Moiraine, Lan, and Siuan step from the pages as characters fighting evil and as legends in the making.

File Size for New Spring Kindle Editions

When choosing your New Spring Kindle edition, you might notice a difference in file size between publishers. The Orbit version is a compact 2,837 kilobytes, ideal for quick downloads and saving space. In contrast, the Tor Books edition is a bit heftier at 4,756 kilobytes, possibly due to formatting.

Publisher’s Synopsis for New Spring

“The protracted war between the Westlands and the Aiel has finally ended. But peace is fragile as the Aiel warriors retreat through the lands, murdering and plundering.

At the White Tower, the young magicians Moiraine and Siuan have just shed their novice status and are completing their training when the seer Gitara is struck by a fateful vision: The Dragon, a powerful wielder of the Power from long past times, has been reborn. The prophecy states that only he can unite the powers of Light and lead them into battle against the darkness. And time is pressing.”

This is a translated version of the publisher’s synopsis from Der Ruf des Frühlings (The Call of Spring), the title of the German paperback edition of New Spring, published by Piper in July 2021. The link is to Amazon if you want more details (see my disclosure below).

Buy New Spring Kindle Editions at Amazon

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the New Spring Kindle Edition, now more accessible than ever. At the publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied, allowing you the freedom to enjoy it on various devices.

My links guide you to the Amazon store serving your location, ensuring a smooth purchase process. Rest assured, regardless of the edition, the enchanting narrative remains the same.

Now, choose the edition that resonates with you, and dive into the prelude of The Wheel of Time saga. With no DRM, enjoy the flexibility of reading on any of your favorite devices. Happy reading!

Tor Books Edition

Embrace nostalgia with the Tor Books Kindle Edition, featuring the iconic cover from their mass-market paperback published in 2020.

New Spring paperback, June 2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books. The cover has the snake-wheel symbol on a light yellow background.

Download your copy at Amazon in these countries:

Orbit Edition

Discover legends with the Orbit Kindle Edition, showcasing the cover from their latest series of paperbacks, published in 2021.

New Spring paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts a grassy plain with mountains on the horizon.

Download the Orbit edition at Amazon in these countries:

Explore New Spring Across Different Formats

Delve deeper into the rich world of New Spring by choosing the format that best suits your reading preferences. Each version offers a unique way to experience the magic and adventure of Robert Jordan’s prelude to the epic The Wheel of Time series. Continue your exploration with in-depth articles available on The Shining Walls for each format:




Kindle Edition [you are here]

Graphic Novel

Whether you prefer the tactile feel of a hardcover, the convenience of an e-book, or the immersive experience of an audiobook, New Spring is accessible and ready to transport you to the world of the Aes Sedai and beyond.

If you’ve read the New Spring Kindle edition, share your thoughts on the book in the comments. Was it worth your time reading, and how was your experience with the download?

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


Books on a blue background. Blue and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World Kindle Edition.”
Smoking coals and silohouette of a boy reading. Link to "The Complete Wheel of Time e-Book and Kindle Editions" post.

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