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A Monumental Novel: The Gathering Storm Paperbacks

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The Gathering Storm paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts a raging ocean.

Robert Jordan’s vision and legacy were nearly lost to the tragedy of his untimely death in 2007. However, fears that The Wheel of Time might remain unfinished were allayed by Harriet McDougal’s inspired decision to enlist Brandon Sanderson, an emerging talent in the fantasy genre, as the new author. He didn’t disappoint in the first of three novels that finished the series posthumously.

Today, I invite you to explore The Gathering Storm paperbacks and start your journey through these final weaves of the Pattern. Brandon Sanderson steers the narrative toward the Last Battle, setting a pace that captivates and honors its origins.

As plot threads converge, the hearts of key characters like Rand and Egwene are laid bare. The world’s fate hangs on this monumental novel, a tribute to perseverance and the enduring power of storytelling. It is a testament to the indomitable spirit that kept a beloved series alive, so find your favorite edition and continue the adventure…

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About The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm, co-authored by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, is the twelfth novel in Jordan’s illustrious fantasy series, The Wheel of Time.

Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, is ensnared in a mental duel, his resilience faltering. With the Last Battle looming on the horizon, Rand’s allies are desperate to help him overcome this loss of will, fervently seeking a path for Rand to rediscover his true self before it’s too late.

Egwene al’Vere grapples with the impending Seanchan attack on the White Tower. Within its walls, she maneuvers to exert influence. Elaida, oblivious to the imminent danger, remains steadfast in punishing dissent. Verin Mathwin, harboring crucial knowledge, confronts Egwene with truths that prove hard to swallow.

At first, Book 12 was to be the concluding chapter of The Wheel of Time with the title, A Memory of Light, chosen by Robert Jordan. However, it soon became apparent that Brandon Sanderson needed three books to faithfully honor Robert Jordan’s expansive vision. The first of those, initially named Gathering Clouds, eventually assumed the title The Gathering Storm upon its publication in 2009.

Reading Age

The Gathering Storm is a fantastic read for teenagers and adults invested in The Wheel of Time. Brandon Sanderson fans should read the other novels in the series before enjoying this one.

Reading Order

The Gathering Storm is your book of choice after reading Knife of Dreams, and you’ll be keen to pick up Towers of Midnight afterward. The end is in sight, and you’ll enjoy getting there.

Book Spiel (Spanish Edition)

La Tormenta, the Spanish edition of The Gathering Storm, uses this eloquent book spiel, translated for your enjoyment:

“The Last Battle looms menacingly, and humanity is not prepared. Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, strives to unite kingdoms and alliances for the decisive confrontation. While he halts the Seanchan invasion to the north, his allies watch with horror the shadow that seems to grow in his heart.

Egwene al’Vere, the Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai, is captive in the White Tower, and the conflict her presence poses will decide the future of the Aes Sedai… and perhaps that of the world itself.”

Where to Buy The Gathering Storm Paperbacks

Your next adventure begins with The Gathering Storm. Here’s where to find it:


If you have an Amazon gift card, you can use it to purchase your preferred paperback edition of The Gathering Storm.

Most Recent Paperback Edition of The Gathering Storm

The cover for Orbit’s 2021 paperback edition of The Gathering Storm, part of a set designed by Duncan Spilling, has stormy waters raging beneath darkening clouds. I like to think this depicts the Shadow Coast, and we’re looking at the Sea of Storms.

Tor Books Paperback Edition of The Gathering Storm

The cover for this 2015 trade paperback edition of The Gathering Storm has Egwene al’Vere using the One Power against a to’raken (a flying animal used by the Seanchan). You can also see the morat (rider) in their green armor. The art is by Todd Lockwood.

Mass-Market Edition of The Gathering Storm

The cover for this mass-market edition of The Gathering Storm, published by Tor Books in 2020, partially depicts the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan. The color is Mughal green.

Older Paperback Editions of The Gathering Storm

Using the links for these older paperback editions of The Gathering Storm will direct you to an appropriate page on Amazon if the version isn’t available in your country.

Mass-Market 2010 Edition from Tor Books

The cover for the 2010 mass-market edition of The Gathering Storm has Rand al’Thor holding his fist to the sky. Aviendha stands behind him, outside a manor house with a hole burned through its wall. The art is by Darrell K. Sweet.

2010 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the 2010 paperback edition of The Gathering Storm from Orbit has the snake-wheel symbol in red.

2009 Edition from Orbit

The cover for Orbit’s 2009 paperback edition of The Gathering Storm has a gold snake-wheel symbol on a cloudy red sky.

2014 Edition from Orbit

The cover for Orbit’s 2014 paperback edition of The Gathering Storm has a dark electric blue snake-wheel symbol on a metallic blue background.


AbeBooks offers a diverse range of The Gathering Storm paperbacks, ready to be added to your collection.

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Prepare for the storm with the welcoming warmth of a familiar bookstore. Biblio‘s cozy atmosphere invites you to lose yourself in The Gathering Storm. Find your paperback at

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With a tradition of bookselling excellence, Blackwell’s presents multiple editions of The Gathering Storm. Select the one you prefer and experience their reliable worldwide delivery. Options include the most recent paperback edition (Orbit, 2021), the 2015 edition with Egwene al’Vere on the cover, and the mass-market 2020 edition. banner helps you purchase The Gathering Storm and strengthen the network of local bookstores that enrich our communities. Use these links to buy The Gathering Storm paperbacks at

United States

2015 edition from Tor Books

2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books

United Kingdom

2021 edition from Orbit

Available Formats for The Gathering Storm

You can find similar posts at The Shining Walls covering these alternative formats for The Gathering Storm:

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The Gathering Storm Kindle Edition: Resolve, Revelation, and Retribution

I hope you found your preferred paperback edition of The Gathering Storm, but let me know in the comments if you need any help.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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Wheel of Time paperbacks on a bookshelf. Link to "The Wheel of Time Paperbacks: The Wheel of Time Books in Order of Publication" post.

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