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About Me, The Shining Walls, and the Passion Reborn!

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Welcome to The Shining Walls! This is essentially a fan site devoted to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time book series and its TV adaptation on Prime Video. And this is the page where I tell you a bit about me before hurriedly moving on to the interesting stuff.

White male wearing glasses on a green background with text reading “About The Shining Walls and Me.”

About Me & The Passion Reborn

The Wheel of Time has never left my heart, but my passion for it surged again when I heard (back in 2019) that a television series was in the works. Since then, I’ve been entertained and nourished by the creative content I’ve found online. It hadn’t dawned on me that The Wheel of Time’s fanbase was still so large and active… and talented!

I’ve been an avid if quiet subscriber to many YouTube channels that have been covering The Wheel of Time over the last few years. I’m hooked and truly grateful to the online creators for all the effort they put into their work.

In building this site I hope to give something back to the community. After so long in the Aiel Waste my thirst for The Wheel of Time has been quenched by your presence and I have toh. Of course, I’m also looking for an invite to one of the season premieres!

Link to The Wheel of Time Season 1 hub page. Fire dragons biting at each other’s tails on a black background.
Link to The Wheel of Time Season 2 hub page. A golden-eyed wolf staring forward on a solid black background.

The Wheel of Time has a wonderful and growing fanbase, so I trust there’s a place for me and The Shining Walls to join the online conversation. I have a roadmap for my content, but from an Emond’s Field perspective, it only goes so far as Watch Hill.

It’s my hope you’ll leave comments within The Shining Walls or drop me a message so I can steer this metaphorical skiff to places new, diverse, and wondrous.

About Me & The Books

My name is Russell Grantham and I’m from the UK (I’m using an American spellchecker though). As a long-suffering Ipswich Town supporter, it’s little wonder that I’m a fantasy enthusiast.

I can’t give you an exact number, but I’m a multi-time reader of The Wheel of Time books and have been since the early 1990s. I remember the slog and the waiting between books!

In more recent years, I’ve become an A Song of Ice and Fire enthusiast. My wait for The Winds of Winter goes to show what an innocent young man I was, panting for more books from Robert Jordan. And how naïve I am as an older gentleman, having started The Kingkiller Chronicles whilst waiting on George R. R. Martin! I’ll never learn.

Russell wearing an Ipswich Town football shirt with an exaggerated expression of misery.

Thankfully the world of fantasy fiction has Brandon Sanderson! Not least of Brandon Sanderson’s accomplishments was completing The Wheel of Time series following Robert Jordan’s tragic and untimely passing. If you ever read this… thank you with a thumping heart Brandon!!!

And Robert (James Oliver Rigney Jr.). My eternal gratitude to you. I’m one of the millions who love the world you created, the characters and cultures you filled it with, and the lasting memories we will always cherish. Your work and the admiration for it will live forever!

Books on a blue background. Blue and white text reads “The Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World: A Beginning.”

About Me & The Cats

My partner and I live under the guardianship of four cats. I keep a duster by my keyboard because they like to walk or sit on it. They mess up my posts several times a day!

The most precious was when Maisie (pictured) managed to key in “mmmmeeeee” as she came for her uninitiated job interview in my office room. She didn’t get the job but I gave her some treats.

Russell's cat, Maisie (a tabby), catching some sun on a windowsill.

About Me & The Stage

For the last decade, I’ve worked as a debt advisor, but my story really starts with the theater. Yes, back in the day I used to have a fringe and would tread the boards on stage.

Russell on a Morris Minor bonnet wearing sandals, flares, and leather waistcoat.

I mainly acted in Shakespeare plays, but also worked as a director and producer. The stage was my first love, and performing was in my blood. Nowadays, I don’t know if the hairs on my sweatshirt are from the cats or my head!

I digress. The picture is from the 1990s. It’s an old photo I found of myself posing for a photoshoot. I look very different now but obviously dress the same. Cool as cats, me!

About The Shining Walls

There’s lots here for newcomers to The Wheel of Time, and everything I write has you at its heart. There will be spoiler warnings where appropriate, so you can tread lightly through The Shining Walls. You can always come back to anything that should be left until you’ve read or watched that far.

So, if you don’t know anything about the books or the TV show let me introduce you to your next big read. Or if you prefer you can start by bingeing Season 1 of The Wheel of Time.

Season 2 will be with us soon, so please get going before you’re playing catch-up!

Well-read copies of The Wheel of Time, books one to six, held by wooden bookends.

Veteran readers are welcome too, of course. I value your support and I imagine there will be many times you feel compelled to pull me up on a technicality. Feel free to show off your knowledge in Ogier fashion or go all Slayer on me if I mess up badly.

I’m sure you’ll find something at The Shining Walls that illuminates you though. I have a penchant for reflecting on the moments, characters, nations, races, and lore that probably brought you here today. This is a celebration site, after all!

How Can I Sustain The Shining Walls?

I hope for The Shining Walls’ longevity and to cover its costs, so I’ll be looking to promote cool stuff that I think you’ll love. At no added cost to you, I may earn a small commission from some / most of these sales. Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

This all helps towards The Shining Walls’ running costs, as do the advertisements you’ll see from time to time. I’m sorry about needing to do that because my heart is in the books, the show, and the community above all.

Books on bookshelves. Image link for the "Origins of The Wheel of Time Review & Guide" post.

I’m still finding my way with this so I respectfully ask for your patience. Please let me know if I go horribly wrong or if you have any feedback or ideas for me. I will honestly love you forever if you can help me out. I’m no webmaster or graphic designer, but I do have grit, determination, and an epic fantasy series for a muse!

There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel, but this is definitely a beginning for me and The Shining Walls.

I’ve left a comment section below in case you want to throw some shade at me or share your thoughts on my introduction. Why not let me know something about you? What brings you here? I’d like to hear your story so go ahead and introduce yourself. I always reply at the earliest opportunity.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends.


Woman reading a magic book where stars and a heart come from the pages. Text reads “7 Great Reasons To Read The Wheel of Time.”

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