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Hands of Justice: Knife of Dreams Hardcovers

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Knife of Dreams hardcover, October 2005 edition from Tor Books. The cover has Perrin Aybara looking over maps in his tent.

The eleventh book in Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series, Knife of Dreams, pays off plots that have kept readers on edge over multiple novels. The Last Battle is coming, and the lines between good and evil have never been more vivid. Against a backdrop of betrayal, revelation, and the Forsaken’s vulgar schemes, the Light’s forces take drastic measures.

Through this shopping post for the Knife of Dreams hardcover, I’ll arm you with what you need—a hardbound feast of entertainment. My usual introduction and some translated teaser text will spur your curiosity. You’ll then have a choice of five different retailers where you can buy the book and enjoy the action.

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Hands of Justice

Knife of Dreams is a salient and superb novel. It was published in 2005, and the revered author passed away two years later, making it Robert Jordan’s last solo entry in his awe-inspiring fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. His work was eventually completed by Brandon Sanderson amidst intense sadness and relief that the series was finished and whole.

Robert Jordan left a void within the realm of fantasy literature that is still felt today, but with Knife of Dreams, he delivered a poignant and powerful farewell to the world he created. It’s a book that leaves readers gasping and eager for more, as the Last Battle looms on the horizon, and the struggle between Light and Shadow intensifies.

Egwene al’Vere fights from underneath within the White Tower, able to access Tel’aran’rhiod to rally her allies and remain steadfast and defiant in the face of adversity. Perrin Aybara forges a dangerous path to free his captured wife, and Mat Cauthon rallies against the Seanchan empire to defend his betrothed.

Semirhage, the epitome of sadistic cruelty, spreads terror in her wake as the Forsaken conspire to make Rand al’Thor’s prophesized victory impossible to fulfill. Darkfriends are unmasked, and Nynaeve al’Meara rallies the Borderlands on Lan Mandragoran’s behalf. The world’s final days are beckoning, the hands of justice are firm, and the Wheel rumbles on in the face of Trollocs and other Shadowspawn. May the Light protect us all.

Inside the Story: Knife of Dreams is a full-throttle exploration of a world on the cusp of chaotic ruin, where the fight against evil leads even the most devoted heroes into morally gray territory. Justice becomes a double-edged sword – a weapon against the Dark One that can cut just as deeply into the souls of those who wield it.

Characters we love are pushed to their limits, questioning whether the ends justify the means. The cost of victory feels impossibly high when leaders are torn between brutal choices, haunted by the knowledge that even if they survive, the price of survival may be monstrous. The lines between hero and villain blur, forcing readers to question who is worthy of salvation and whether true victory is possible in a deeply stained world. But even in the darkest corners of hearts, a glimmer of hope remains.

Knife of Dreams Teaser Text (French Edition)

Le Poignard Des Rêves, the French edition of Knife of Dreams, uses this pleasing teaser text, translated for your enjoyment:

“Imprisoned by the Shaido in the city of Malden, Faile uses all of her weapons to survive. Determined to save her, Perrin commits the unthinkable: he makes a pact with the Seanchan without Rand’s knowledge. Is it the equivalent of selling his soul to the Dark One? Perhaps, but the life of his wife is priceless.

On the roads of Altara, Mat tries to escape the Seanchan and continues to court the Daughter of the Nine Moons. But faced with such beauty, everything he thought he knew about women will not be enough.

For Rand, entrenched in Tear, Egwene, imprisoned in the White Tower, and Elayne, on the razor’s edge in Caemlyn, everything is further complicated… as the Last Battle approaches.”

Find your copy of the Knife of Dreams hardcover below, and let the battle for the world’s survival begin!

Where to Buy Knife of Dreams Hardcovers

The battle lines are drawn, and the cost of victory and defeat is increasingly apparent. Let’s explore where to buy Knife of Dreams hardcovers:


Amazon offers speed and a broad selection for readers eager to continue the epic saga. Find new and used copies of the Knife of Dreams hardcover and let the battle between Light and Shadow unfold.

2005 Hardcover Edition from Tor Books

This is the reprinted 2005 hardcover edition of Knife of Dreams from Tor Books. The cover has Perrin Aybara standing over maps of Malden. Galina Casban faces him, and Gaul and Gerard Arganda stand by Perrin’s side. The art is by Darrell K. Sweet.

2005 Hardcover Edition from Orbit

Orbit’s 2005 hardcover edition of Knife of Dreams has a gold outline of the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan, set against a green-pattern background.


AbeBooks connects you with independent bookstores worldwide, expanding your search for the perfect Knife of Dreams hardcover. Uncover a range of editions, potentially including older prints or special editions, to add a unique touch to your collection.

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Biblio champions independent bookstores and the enduring magic of well-loved books. Discover a collection of Knife of Dreams hardcover editions that bear the marks of time, each with a unique story. Find your copy at

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More Ways to Enjoy Knife of Dreams

If you already own the Knife of Dreams hardcover, or if you’re curious about other ways to experience this epic tale, you may want to check out these similar posts:

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I hope this helps you find the perfect format for your journey into The Wheel of Time. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or further requests.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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