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An Epic Tale of Captivity and Corruption: Winter’s Heart Audiobook

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Winter's Heart Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Perrin and company walking through snow.

The chill that descends in Winter’s Heart isn’t just the season—it’s the tightening grip of despair and the taint of corruption seeping into the world. But even in these dark times, embers of hope glow stubbornly within the hearts of heroes.

Hearing this story told through the Winter’s Heart audiobook deepened these contrasts for me and brought the struggles to life in a new way. The voices of Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are etched in my subconscious appreciation of the novel. They breathe life into Perrin’s desperation, Elayne’s fierce determination, and even the disturbing madness affecting Rand’s mind. Their masterful narration weaves an immersive experience that makes me feel inside the story, caught amidst the swirling storm of fate.

If you’re a Wheel of Time fan like me, craving a richer experience of this epic story, finding Winter’s Heart on Audible could be the key. I’ll tell you how and share some of my favorite insights into the narrators, a captivating book blurb, and even ways to hear a snippet before taking the plunge. Prepare to be swept into a world of harsh realities, courageous choices, and unwavering hope. Adventure awaits!

A row of books on a snowy background. White typography reads, “The Wheel of Time Book 9: Winter’s Heart Audiobook.”

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An Epic Tale of Captivity and Corruption

Winter’s Heart holds a special place in mine because of its raw emotion and exploration of the burdens that heroes must carry. The plight of captivity and the depth of corruption in the world are narrative strengths of the ninth book in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. Yet, even as despair casts long shadows, the fight for hope and freedom intensifies.

This 24-hour and 12-minute audiobook immerses you in that struggle, transporting you to a world where our favorite characters’ actions matter more than ever. Perrin Aybara faces obstacles, foes, and inner conflicts in his race to free his kidnapped wife, Faile, from the Shaido Aiel. Rand al’Thor contends with the darkness inside, a battle threatening his sanity and the fragile alliances he needs. And as ever, Mat Cauthon, the loveable rogue, gambles against impossible odds, uncovering secrets and facing choices that will change his path forever.

The narration of Kate Reading and Michael Kramer elevates Winter’s Heart, creating a vivid listening experience. Their voices capture the urgency of escapes, the weight of responsibility, and the quiet determination of heroes pushed to their limits. Get ready to feel the bite of winter and the flicker of hope as their voices guide you through this captivating turning point in The Wheel of Time.

Winter’s Heart Narrators: Voices of the Pattern

The voices of Kate Reading and Michael Kramer weave the heart and soul of Robert Jordan’s epic saga. Together, they make the Winter’s Heart audiobook a journey I wouldn’t want to take with any other guides. Working from their home studio, this award-winning duo transforms words into unforgettable experiences.

Their magic extends beyond The Wheel of Time:

  • Champions of Storytelling: Their support of Books to Prisoners reflects their belief in the power of stories to uplift and inspire.
  • Giants of Fantasy: From the swirling mists of Mistborn to the windswept plains of Roshar, they lend their talents to some of the most incredible fantasy worlds.
  • Immersion Specialists: Their pacing, diction, and nuanced character voices make you feel like you’re there, not just listening.

In Winter’s Heart, prepare to be amazed by:

  • Voices that Blend and Soar: Michael Kramer’s commanding tones and Kate Reading’s expressive range give each character a unique identity and depth.
  • Expert Navigation: With them at the helm, the politics, personal struggles, and thrilling battles become even more engaging and crystal clear.
  • Consistent Excellence: Their dedication to their craft translates into a flawless, enjoyable audio experience that’ll leave you wanting more.

If you’re a Wheel of Time veteran, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are already old friends, their voices as familiar as the stories themselves. If not, let them bring this captivating series to life on Audible!

Seeking adventures from Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere?

  • Mistborn: Start with The Final Empire and Michael Kramer’s superb narration of the original trilogy.
  • The Stormlight Archive: Immerse yourself in this epic series, with six audiobooks (and counting!) and contributions from both narrators. Edgedancer features Kate Reading as the primary narrator.

All audiobook links are to Amazon. Don’t miss the chance to listen to samples and begin your next fantasy adventure!

Winter’s Heart Book Blurb

“In Winter’s Heart, the ninth novel in Robert Jordan’s #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, Rand al’Thor and his friends face personal trials in their quests to build alliances against the Dark One.

After locating Masema Dagar, the Prophet of the Dragon, on Rand’s behalf, Perrin Aybara returns to his encampment to discover his wife Faile has been abducted by the Shaido Aiel. Determined to reclaim her, Perrin forgoes his mission, risking his army in pursuit of a dangerous and unpredictable enemy.

Wounded and trapped in the Seanchan-occupied city of Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon is awaiting an opportunity to leave. But he is not the only one in hiding. Three Aes Sedai are desperate to escape. As Mat seeks a way to smuggle them all out of the city, he encounters his own prophesized fate when he meets the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

Rand himself is on a mission of vengeance. He has tracked the traitorous Asha’man who tried to kill him to Far Madding. It is a city where no one is capable of channeling the One Power, leaving Rand vulnerable to those who would stop at nothing to destroy the Dragon Reborn.”

[Publisher’s synopsis, sourced from Amazon]

Download Winter’s Heart on Amazon

You’ve heard me rave about Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s artistry – now it’s time to experience it yourself! Their performances breathe life into Winter’s Heart, making this audiobook a must-have for Wheel of Time fans. Here’s how to embark on this captivating adventure:

Own Your Copy Today:

  • Purchase: Click the links below to purchase the Winter’s Heart audiobook on Amazon and add it to your permanent library without needing a subscription.
  • Listen with Audible Credits: Already an Audible member? Use your existing credits to download Winter’s Heart to your Audible library and enjoy it anytime. The links are the same.
  • Try Before You Buy: Want to sample the audiobook before you purchase? These international links to Amazon also let you listen to a preview:

Listen to Winter’s Heart on Audible

Experience Winter’s Heart, the ninth book in Robert Jordan’s legendary Wheel of Time series, with a captivating audiobook performance that brings the story to life. And the best part? You can dive into this epic tale for FREE with an Audible trial!

Here’s what you’ll enjoy with Audible:

Ready to start your epic audiobook adventure?

  • It’s Truly Free: Even if you cancel, your audiobooks will stay in your library forever, including those obtained through the free trial.
  • Discover Your Next Favorite: Audible’s huge selection means there’s always another epic fantasy world to explore.
  • The Wheel of Time Awaits: Experience every novel in this beloved series in a new way – the immersive power of the narration will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Click here to claim your free Winter’s Heart audiobook!

Enjoy Winter’s Heart on Audible in these countries:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Winter’s Heart Audio CD

For some listeners, there’s nothing quite like the experience of audiobooks on CD. If that’s you, Winter’s Heart is available in a classic unabridged format, featuring the full text brought to life by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. This Macmillan Audio edition, released in 2011, uses the iconic cover art by Darrell K. Sweet.

Winter's Heart Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Perrin and company walking through snow.
Winter’s Heart Audio CD

Purchase Options

ISBN-10: 1427210861

ISBN-13: 978-1427210869

I recommend using these outlets to find your copy of the Winter’s Heart audio CD:


Discover the magic of AbeBooks, a haven for book lovers seeking unique editions and out-of-print gems. Their vast network of independent bookstores opens a world of possibilities where you might uncover a rare listening experience. Unearth the Winter’s Heart audiobook on CD, or let serendipity guide you to your next literary adventure.

Search results for Winter’s Heart on audio CD: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Amazon offers a convenient and reliable way to find your Winter’s Heart audio CD. Browse their selection and take the next step on your Wheel of Time journey.

Find your copy with these international links:


For book lovers who crave something more, Biblio connects you with treasures you might not find elsewhere. Explore their marketplace of independent sellers, where your search for the Winter’s Heart audio CD could lead you down unexpected and delightful paths.

Find Winter’s Heart on audio CD on

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Other Ways to Experience Winter’s Heart

The Wheel turns, and the Pattern offers many paths. Choose how you experience the trials and triumphs in Winter’s Heart:

Paperback: Feel the turning of the pages and mark your favorite passages.

Hardcover: Cherish the elegance and lasting appeal of a hardcover edition.

Kindle Edition: Carry the Pattern in your pocket, ready to be woven wherever you go.

Have you listened to the Winter’s Heart audiobook? Let’s weave our thoughts and questions together in the comments below!

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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