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Stakes of Salvation: Towers of Midnight Hardcovers

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Towers of Midnight hardcover, November 2010 edition from Tor Books. The cover has Mat, Thom, and Noal at the Tower of Ghenjei.

The Wheel of Time’s penultimate novel, Towers of Midnight, is a shuddering triumph from the minds of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, but can Rand al’Thor and his allies say the same? Their choices are ripping through the Pattern now, with the potential to bring salvation… or utter ruin. Shadowspawn pour from the Blight, the Forsaken set their targets, and the Great Lord of the Dark anticipates victory at the Last Battle. It’s time to toss the dice!

The Light must rally and survive to keep the Wheel turning, for the world cries out for its heroes. You’ll want to join that plea by securing a copy of this incredible book, so let me guide you by sharing a glimpse of the unfolding chaos, the best places to buy the Towers of Midnight hardcover, and a few reasons why this novel holds such a special place in the hearts of Wheel of Time fans.

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Stakes of Salvation

Towers of Midnight, the electrifying thirteenth novel in Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s The Wheel of Time series, amplifies the tension with heart-pounding resolutions, leaving fans breathless for more. This 2010 New York Times #1 bestseller builds relentless excitement for the series’ epic finale. Chew your knuckles because the Last Battle is coming!

Rand al’Thor’s transformation on Dragonmount inspires hope and a desperate plan, which pits him against Egwene in a dangerous battle of wills. Perrin Aybara faces judgment while coming to terms with his wolfbrother powers, and Mat Cauthon plays a perilous game within the Tower of Ghenjei. After a showdown with the indestructible gholam, a rescue mission with profound consequences ensues.

The Shadow tightens its grip in a final bid for dominance, and Mesaana’s attack on the White Tower threatens to shatter the Aes Sedai forever. The last gambits are made, and the stakes of salvation are high. Who will live to stand with the Light at Tarmon Gai’don?

Inside the Story: Towers of Midnight explores the heavy burdens of leadership and the ethical dilemmas those with immense power face. Rand’s transformation and Egwene’s ascension as Amyrlin Seat raise critical questions about who decides the world’s fate.

Does the Dragon Reborn, linked to past destruction, deserve absolute power? What authority does the Amyrlin have left after finding the White Tower as tainted by the Dark One as saidin? Can victory be achieved if the pursuit of it means sacrificing morality?

The path to the Last Battle has been paved with betrayal and broken alliances. Yet, Towers of Midnight reminds readers of the vital need for cooperation against ultimate darkness. Can characters overcome past wounds and forge a unified front?

The story also asks about sacrifice, highlighting how heroes must give up personal desires for the greater good, even if it means relying upon luck and fate. Lines between good and evil blur as characters fight for survival; desperate measures and questionable choices cloud the distinction between hero and villain.

Yet, above all, Towers of Midnight emphasizes the power of human resilience. Despite the darkness, hope flickers through acts of love, compassion, and unwavering determination to defend what’s right. Plus, epic fantasy gets the heart racing with plenty of eureka moments, and this book offers both!

Towers of Midnight Teaser Text (French Edition)

Les Tours De Minuit, the French edition of Towers of Midnight, uses this grand teaser text, translated for your enjoyment:

“As Trolloc hordes sweep down from the Blight, the first tremors of the Last Battle shake the world. With the seals on the Dark One’s prison weakening, the Pattern itself threatens to unravel.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Perrin is at an impasse. To break through, he must master the wolf within him. Otherwise, he will be lost forever to the madness that has already destroyed more than one man with yellow eyes.

With his allies, Mat prepares for the most dangerous challenge of his life. For the Tower of Ghenjei awaits him with its secrets, its dangers… and its surprises.

The end is drawing near. It is time to cast the dice.”

Find your copy of the Towers of Midnight hardcover below.

Where to Buy Towers of Midnight Hardcovers

The final hours of the Third Age are upon us, and it’s time to secure your Towers of Midnight hardcover edition. Let’s explore the best places to start your search, from reliable sources to those elusive treasures!


Amazon is a vast marketplace for book lovers. They offer a wide selection of Towers of Midnight hardcovers, both new and used, with various shipping options to suit your needs. Find the perfect edition for your collection!

2010 Hardcover Edition from Tor Books

This is the reprinted 2010 hardcover edition of Towers of Midnight from Tor Books. Darrell K. Sweet’s cover art prominently features Mat Cauthon with his signature brimmed hat and ashandarei, alongside his companions Noal Charin (wielding a staff) and Thom Merrilin. They stand before the imposing Tower of Ghenjei.

2010 Hardcover Edition from Orbit

The 2010 hardcover edition of Towers of Midnight from Orbit has a gold outline of the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan on a charcoal background.


AbeBooks is a haven for collectors and book lovers seeking unique finds. Explore their global marketplace and uncover a range of Towers of Midnight hardcover editions—from well-loved copies to elusive gems.

Search results for new copies: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio is a treasure chest of well-loved editions and unique finds. Explore their Towers of Midnight hardcovers, each with this memorable epic held within timeworn pages. Visit and begin your search.

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Blackwell’s, a respected UK bookseller with a rich legacy, represents a trusted source for your Towers of Midnight hardcover. Experience a touch of British bookselling heritage and explore their selection with the added convenience of international shipping. banner offers a unique way to secure your Towers of Midnight hardcover while championing independent bookstores. Find your edition, support your chosen local bookshop, and empower the vibrant literary community around you. American visitors can buy the Towers of Midnight hardcover at by clicking the link.

More Ways to Enjoy Towers of Midnight

If you’ve secured your Towers of Midnight hardcover and are seeking more ways to immerse yourself in this exhilarating book, check out these format-specific posts:

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I hope you found the perfect edition for your collection! If not, please let me know in the comments.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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