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An Extraordinary Tale: The Dragon Reborn Paperbacks

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The Dragon Reborn paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts the tops of trees with a stone fortress in the distance.

Get ready for another exhilarating plunge into the heart of The Wheel of Time. A paperback edition of this third installment is an invitation to witness storytelling that deepens, intrigues, and propels you further into the depths of Robert Jordan’s world.

The Dragon Reborn introduces Aiel warrior clans and Maidens of the Spear. You’ll find yourself drawn to familiar and new characters, in awe at iconic imagery, and swept away by magical mysteries, prophecy, and Shadowspawn. It’s a super cool book with an epic payoff.

You can decide which edition of The Dragon Reborn paperback to call your own, consider several retailers, and prepare to be immersed in a tale that promises to match and surpass the grandeur of its predecessors.

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About The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn was written by Robert Jordan and is the third novel in his epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. The book tells of Rand’s lonely journey to the Stone of Tear, where he intends to start fulfilling prophecies. His friends are in hot pursuit, hoping to stop Rand from stretching too far, too soon. And they are not the only ones looking for the Dragon Reborn.

Book 3 introduces a new race that will delight readers, a more sinister form of Shadowspawn, and a riveting climax that involves Forsaken, a sword-that-is-not-a-sword, and explosive action. It has been a fan favorite since its publication in 1991 and remains a riveting work of fantasy.

Reading Age

The Dragon Reborn is prime reading for ages 12-17 and enjoys a healthy adult audience. It is recommended reading for fantasy fiction lovers of any age.

Reading Order

The Dragon Reborn is Book 3 of The Wheel of Time, and they are best read in sequence. Pick this one up after finishing The Great Hunt and before you move on to Book 4, The Shadow Rising.

Book Spiel (Spanish Edition)

El Dragón Renacido, the Spanish edition of The Dragon Reborn, uses this grand book spiel, translated for your enjoyment:

“Haunted by unsettling dreams of a crystal sword, Rand decides to abandon his companions after an attack by Shadowspawn and heads towards Tear to discover who he really is. Meanwhile, the three young Aes Sedai wannabes travel with Mat to Tar Valon to enter the White Tower as novices, where they hope the sisters will heal Mat of the strange illness he suffers from. Shortly thereafter, the Amyrlin entrusts them with a dangerous mission.”

Where to Buy The Dragon Reborn Paperbacks

Let’s look into the best places to buy The Dragon Reborn paperbacks right now:


Amazon often has competitive prices on various paperback editions of The Dragon Reborn.

Most Recent Paperback Edition of The Dragon Reborn

The most recent set of The Wheel of Time books was designed by Duncan Spilling and published by Orbit in September 2021. The Dragon Reborn paperback from that collection has a distant view of the Stone of Tear from the vantage point of a forest.

Tor Books Paperback Edition of The Dragon Reborn

The cover for this 2012 trade paperback edition of The Dragon Reborn from Tor Books has Rand sitting on the Dragon banner holding his flute, with the heron-marked sword lying on the floor. The art is by Donato Giancola.

Mass-Market Edition of The Dragon Reborn

This mass-market edition of The Dragon Reborn was published by Tor Books in 2019. Its cover partially depicts the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan. The background color is burnt umber.

Older Paperback Editions of The Dragon Reborn

Using the links for these older paperback editions of The Dragon Reborn will direct you to an appropriate page on Amazon if the version isn’t available in your country.

Mass-Market 1992 Edition from Tor Books

The cover for the 1992 mass-market edition of The Dragon Reborn has Rand reaching for Callandor in the Stone of Tear. Perrin and Mat are watching, and you’ll find more intriguing characters on the back and spine. The art is by Darrell K. Sweet.

1992 Edition from Time Warner Books UK

The cover for the 1992 paperback edition of The Dragon Reborn from Time Warner Books UK has the snake-wheel symbol in bronze.

2014 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the 2014 Orbit paperback edition of The Dragon Reborn has a metallic bronze snake-wheel symbol on a red-violet background.


AbeBooks boasts a broad selection of The Dragon Reborn paperbacks to suit your reading preferences.

Search results for new copies: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio‘s collection evokes the feeling of unearthing a cherished classic, perfect for your The Dragon Reborn paperback. Find The Dragon Reborn paperbacks at

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Discover different editions of The Dragon Reborn at Blackwell’s, a bookseller with over a century of experience. Choose your preferred edition and enjoy fast dispatch and global reach. Your options include the latest version of The Dragon Reborn (Orbit’s 2021 edition), the mass market 2019 edition, and the 2012 edition with Rand on the cover. banner

Support the booksellers who fuel your love of reading! lets you buy The Dragon Reborn online while contributing to the success of your chosen independent bookstore. Use these links to buy The Dragon Reborn paperbacks at

United States

2012 edition from Tor Books

2019 mass-market edition from Tor Books

United Kingdom

2021 edition from Orbit

Available Formats for The Dragon Reborn

You can find similar posts at The Shining Walls covering these alternative formats for The Dragon Reborn:

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The Dragon Reborn Kindle Edition: Prophesy, Portents, and Traps

I hope you found your preferred paperback edition of The Dragon Reborn, but let me know in the comments if you need any help.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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Wheel of Time paperbacks on a bookshelf. Link to "The Wheel of Time Paperbacks: The Wheel of Time Books in Order of Publication" post.

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