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An Epic Tale of Light and Shadow: A Memory of Light Audiobook

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A Memory of Light Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Rand holding Callandor at Shayol Ghul.

Imagine hearing the armies of Light and Shadow clash, the raised voices of lawful good confronting chaotic evil, and the unabashed heroism of men and women facing intense mental and physical challenges—the sounds of a battle for the world’s salvation! The final act of The Wheel of Time awaits.

Written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, the A Memory of Light audiobook offers an immersive journey through this fourteenth and final book. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading breathe life into every word on the page. Their narration pulls you into the world, painting vivid pictures of Rand al’Thor’s unyielding resolve, Egwene al’Vere’s fierce determination, and the Shadow’s terrifying power. You’ll hear all the noises I mentioned and feel the punches, too!

Whether you’re a longtime fan reliving the final battle or a newcomer to The Wheel of Time, this audiobook promises an unforgettable experience. So, let me share my insights into A Memory of Light and its narrators, including ways to listen and what you’ll discover. Are you ready to experience triumph and heartbreak? Obtain A Memory of Light on Audible, and you can be on the battlefield today!

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An Epic Tale of Light and Shadow

Prepare for 41 hours and 47 minutes of heart-pounding narration as Kate Reading and Michael Kramer bring the final chapter of The Wheel of Time to breathtaking life. Written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light pays off an unforgettable journey – over 4 million words, thousands of characters, and decades of emotional investment.

The forces of Light brace themselves for the ultimate confrontation. As the Last Battle rages, feel the earth tremble and the sky crackle with magic. Shadowspawn swarm, Forsaken unleash their fury, and our heroes face unimaginable trials. Prepare for heart-wrenching goodbyes and bittersweet triumph as Robert Jordan’s legacy cements itself in Brandon Sanderson’s powerful finale. The Wheel of Time ends in a blaze of devastating glory!

A Memory of Light Narrators: Voices of the Last Battle

For many fans, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are synonymous with The Wheel of Time. Their voices have painted vivid landscapes, breathed life into beloved characters, and carried us through battles and heartbreaks for years. In A Memory of Light, the epic finale, they return with the same passion and skill, guiding us through the Pattern’s final threads with the mastery of seasoned bards.

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are award-winning narrators and masters of their craft, acclaimed for their work in fantasy and beyond. Their dedication shines through in their performances and mentorship of aspiring voices.

In A Memory of Light, experience:

  • Unforgettable Character Arcs: With every inflection, every whisper, and every cry, they bring depth to the struggles and triumphs of our heroes. From Rand’s strength to Egwene’s resolve, you’ll feel the weight of each character’s journey as though you were standing beside them.
  • Heart-Pounding Climax: The clash of steel, the crackling of magic, the desperate cries of defiance—they build an electrifying soundscape for the Last Battle that will send shivers down your spine.
  • Unwavering Dedication: Their performance is full of heart and soul, coupled with seamless storytelling, which draws you deeper into the world that Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson imagined.

Explore their journey and passion:

  • Visit to learn more about their extensive career and find links to their audiobook portfolio.
  • Untap your storytelling potential through ACX, the platform they recommend for aspiring narrators.

Are you ready for the Last Battle? Then it’s time to experience The Wheel of Time’s grand finale with the voices that made it legendary!

A Memory of Light Book Blurb

“In A Memory of Light, the fourteenth and concluding novel in Jordan’s #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series, the armies of Light gather to fight in Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle, to save the Westland nations from the shadow forces of the Dark One.

Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, is ready to fulfill his destiny. To defeat the enemy that threatens them all, he must convince his reluctant allies that his plan – as foolhardy and dangerous as it appears – is their only chance to stop the Dark One’s ascension and secure a lasting peace. But if Rand’s course of action fails, the world will be engulfed in shadow.

Across the land, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene engage in battle with Shadowspawn, Trollocs, Darkfriends, and other creatures of the Blight. Sacrifices are made, lives are lost, but victory is unassured. For when Rand confronts the Dark One in Shayol Ghul, he is bombarded with conflicting visions of the future that reveal there is more at stake for humanity than winning the war.”

[Publisher’s synopsis, sourced from Amazon]

Download A Memory of Light on Amazon

With their captivating narration, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer bring The Wheel of Time’s epic finale to life. Their voices infuse every word with emotion, transporting you directly to the heart of the Last Battle. Discover why countless fans consider them the definitive voices of the series and prepare for an unforgettable audio adventure.

Own Your Copy Today:

  • Purchase: Click the links below to purchase the A Memory of Light audiobook on Amazon and add it to your permanent library without needing a subscription.
  • Listen with Audible Credits: Already an Audible member? Use your existing credits to download A Memory of Light to your Audible library and enjoy it anytime. The links are the same.
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Listen to A Memory of Light on Audible

Ready to witness the Last Battle in vivid audio? Experience A Memory of Light, the epic conclusion to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga, with a FREE audiobook trial on Audible.

Your Audio Adventure Starts Here:

Why Audible?

  • Free A Memory of Light Audiobook: Experience this epic finale at no cost. The trial comes with one free audiobook (two for Amazon Prime members), which you can keep even if you cancel.
  • Discover Your Next Favorite Listen: Explore Audible’s extensive catalog and find thrilling fantasies, captivating mysteries, and more.
  • Embrace a New Way to Enjoy The Wheel of Time: Experience this beloved series in a captivating and immersive format.

Available in these countries:

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

A Memory of Light Audio CD

Own a physical copy of the epic finale and experience A Memory of Light in the traditional audio format. The CD edition features Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s iconic narration and the classic cover art by Michael Whelan.

A Memory of Light Audio CD read by Kate Reading & Michael Kramer. The sleeve has Rand holding Callandor at Shayol Ghul.
A Memory of Light Audio CD

Purchase Options

ISBN-10: 1427210241

ISBN-13: 978-1427210241

You can find A Memory of Light audio CDs at these outlets:


AbeBooks unlocks a worldwide network of independent bookstores and booksellers. Explore their vast marketplace and unearth your copy of the A Memory of Light audio CD. You might even find a rare or collectible edition!

Explore AbeBooks and find your audio adventure: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Amazon offers a reliable and convenient way to purchase your A Memory of Light audio CD. Enjoy easy browsing and access to the iconic audio edition featuring Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s narration.

Find your copy on Amazon:


Biblio is a haven for collectors and those seeking uncommon editions. Explore their marketplace and discover your copy of the A Memory of Light audio CD. You might even unearth a unique or vintage version for your collection. Find your audio CD at

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Other Ways to Experience A Memory of Light

Experience the epic conclusion of The Wheel of Time in the format that speaks to you:

Paperback: Hold the final chapter in your hands and immerse yourself in the story wherever you go.

Hardcover: Add this beautifully crafted edition to your bookshelf, a treasured reminder of your journey.

Kindle Edition: Carry the epic adventure with you on your e-reader, ready to revisit whenever you wish.

Did the A Memory of Light audiobook leave you breathless? Share your thoughts and connect with fellow fans in the comments below! Tell me your favorite moments, the questions that linger, and the lasting impact of The Wheel of Time.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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