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Flames of Vengeance: The Fires of Heaven Hardcover

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The Fires of Heaven hardcover, October 1993 edition from Tor Books. The cover has Rand, Mat, and Aviendha in Rhuidean.

Flames of ambition, vengeance, and envy dance together dangerously in the fifth novel of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Passions ignite and battles blaze as Rand al’Thor’s path to Tarmon Gai’don becomes ravaged by rivaling powers. For many fans like myself, The Fires of Heaven is one of the great pillar books that define the series, so don’t miss your chance to own a timeless classic!

Let me guide you in finding The Fires of Heaven hardcover. I’ll explore its enduring allure and share my favorite retailers where you can secure your copy. Immerse yourself in its pages, burn holes through your reading time, and embark on another extraordinary adventure!

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Flames of Vengeance

Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy, The Fires of Heaven, returns readers to a disordered world. Rand al’Thor confronts the fierce Shaido Aiel and a malevolent Forsaken who threatens to consume Andor from within. Cairhien faces the wrath of Couladin’s renegade Aiel, and Mat Cauthon, unwittingly thrust into a leadership role, finds himself caught in the thick of the battle.

Nynaeve and Elayne live in fear of Moghedien, whose traps could ensnare them at any moment. An epic climax awaits, with tensions inflamed for both Light and Shadow—vengeance and rage will tear through the world like wildfire.

Inside the Story: The Fires of Heaven explores themes of vengeance, ambition, and the complex dance between Light and Shadow. Betrayal lurks in unexpected places, and even the strongest bonds are tested by the fires of destiny.

  • Vengeance: Rand, fueled by grief and rage over Morgase’s supposed death, seeks revenge against Rahvin. But will consuming anger lead him astray from his true purpose?
  • Ambition: The Forsaken are driven by insatiable ambition, hunger for power, and the destruction of their enemies. Witness the lengths they’ll go to achieve their twisted desires.
  • Betrayal: From the White Tower’s heart to the Waste’s furthest reaches, treachery and hidden plots threaten all sides. Who can be trusted when deception cuts so deep?

Prepare for battles of both sword and will, where the lines between right and wrong become blurred in chaos. The Fires of Heaven burns brightly, shaping destinies and leaving scars that will echo throughout the series.

The Fires of Heaven Teaser Text (French Edition)

Les Feux du Ciel, the French edition of The Fires of Heaven, uses this mesmerizing teaser text, translated for your enjoyment:

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.

The threat of rebellion rumbles at the foot of the Dragonwall. Rand, newly elected as the supreme chief by the Aiel, must act quickly if he is to be ready for the Last Battle. But at his side, his allies face their own demons: Mat, determined to renounce his destiny as a hero, becomes increasingly unpredictable, and Aviendha, the young and beautiful Aiel who has bound herself to Rand, keeps all her mystery.

Now, it is only a matter of time before the Dark One escapes from his prison…”

Find your copy of The Fires of Heaven hardcover below and let the Wheel decide your path.

Where to Buy The Fires of Heaven Hardcovers

Let’s explore your options for finding The Fires of Heaven hardcover – from reliable sources to those elusive collector’s editions!


Amazon offers many ways to find The Fires of Heaven hardcover. Explore new and used editions, and enjoy the convenience of swift delivery options.

1993 Hardcover Edition from Tor Books

This is the reprinted 1993 hardcover edition of The Fires of Heaven. The cover art by Darrell K. Sweet pictures Rand in his red coat, Mat holding the ashandarei, and Aviendha in Rhuidean.


AbeBooks connects you with independent bookstores worldwide, offering a diverse range of The Fires of Heaven hardcovers. Explore a world of reading possibilities, from familiar editions to those elusive finds, while supporting local booksellers.

Search results for new copies only: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio champions independent bookstores and the enduring magic of the written word. Their selection often includes hardcover editions of The Fires of Heaven. Find your next literary treasure at

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Blackwell’s, a respected UK bookseller since 1879, offers readers a wealth of literary delights worldwide. Find The Fires of Heaven hardcover within their collection and ignite your Wheel of Time journey. banner is a haven for readers who value independent bookstores. Discover The Fires of Heaven hardcover while empowering local businesses and enriching your book-loving community. Your purchase makes a difference!

US Customers: Check out The Fires of Heaven hardcover directly on

More Ways to Enjoy The Fires of Heaven

No matter how you prefer to experience epic tales, I’ve got resources to guide you. If hardcovers aren’t your style, check out these posts on The Fires of Heaven paperback, audiobook, and Kindle editions:

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The flames of adventure burn bright! Whether you’ve secured your The Fires of Heaven hardcover or seek treasures in other formats, I hope your journey through The Wheel of Time is filled with wonder.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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