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Balance, Barriers, and Blades: The Path of Daggers Kindle Editions

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The Path of Daggers paperback, February 2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books. The cover has the snake-wheel symbol on a purple background.

Step into the treacherous world of The Path of Daggers Kindle Edition, an enthralling journey filled with hidden dangers and unexpected twists. In this eighth installment of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series, with the shadow of the Last Battle looming ever closer, every choice echoes with heightened significance, drawing you into a world brimming with tension and dramatic change.

Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, finds himself grappling with the spectral whispers of Lews Therin in his mind and the relentless advance of Seanchan invaders. Male channelers, including Rand, stand on a dangerous precipice, their greatest weapons threatening to become their downfall.

The world is undergoing a profound transformation, not solely due to the use of the Bowl of the Winds. Elayne faces uncertainty as she returns to Caemlyn to claim the Lion Throne, while Egwene’s assertive leadership skirts a delicate balance between triumph and peril. In this tale of shifting winds and sharpened blades, the stakes rise as high as the Mountains of Mist, and every heart beats to the rhythm of change.

Join me at the heart of the action with the Kindle edition of this mesmerizing book. I’ll entice you with an engaging overview and provide the essential links for your purchase. Stand firm as the Wheel of Time continues its inexorable turn, for on its heights, all paths are paved with daggers.

Old books on a brown background. Brown and white typography reads “The Wheel of Time Book 8: The Path of Daggers Kindle Edition.”

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Weaving Through The Path of Daggers

In this eighth book, key characters face challenges that will shape the future of their world and test their resolve against the backdrop of escalating chaos and looming madness. These are some of the significant events playing out as the epic story continues:

  • Rand al’Thor, grappling with the whispers of Lews Therin and the threat of madness, focuses on repelling the invading Seanchan forces while the stability of his Asha’man hangs in the balance.
  • Elayne, Aviendha, and Nynaeve, who possess the crucial Bowl of the Winds, must collaborate with other channelers to restore natural balance, altering the course of nature and politics.
  • The Daughter-Heir of Andor forms a close bond and returns home to lay claim to the Lion Throne.
  • Perrin must engage with the deranged Prophet in Ghealdan.
  • As Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai, Egwene al’Vere’s decisive leadership tests the bounds of tradition and authority.
  • The Asha’man of the Black Tower, the Seanchan expansion, and the dark plots of the Forsaken weave through the narrative, adding layers of deception and danger.

In The Path of Daggers, the lines between ally and enemy, sanity and madness, have never been more blurred. Be prepared for a story that weaves together the fates of nations and individuals in a compelling tale of power, betrayal, and resilience.

File Size for The Path of Daggers Kindle Editions

Experience The Path of Daggers with its Kindle editions, where every kilobyte is packed with intrigue and adventure. Orbit’s edition is a streamlined 3,556 kilobytes, while the Tor Books version is 5,423 kilobytes. They both ensure an immersive reading journey through the eighth book of The Wheel of Time series.

Publisher’s Synopsis for The Path of Daggers

Enjoy this engaging publisher’s synopsis, translated for your convenience from the German paperback edition of The Path of Daggers, titled Der Weg der Klingen (The Way of the Blades), published by Piper in July 2021.

“Rand al’Thor is the Dragon Reborn. His destiny is to protect the world from the impending darkness. At last, the Bowl of the Winds has been found. Only with its help can the weather, now thrown out of balance, be returned to its usual course. To do this, his allies, the young Aes Sedai, must form a circle of women capable of activating the powerful artifact – a task that demands all their negotiating skills.”

You can find Der Weg der Klingen on Amazon through the link, though check my disclosure below before you go.

Buy The Path of Daggers Kindle Edition at Amazon

Purchase The Path of Daggers Kindle edition at Amazon and immerse yourself in the world of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time.

Both editions are offered without Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied, allowing you the freedom to read on multiple devices seamlessly. These editions contain the same captivating story content in English, bringing the saga’s intricate plots and vivid characters to life.

Tor Books Edition

The Tor Books Kindle edition features the cover from their mass-market paperback published in 2020.

The Path of Daggers paperback, February 2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books. The cover has the snake-wheel symbol on a purple background.

Download your copy at Amazon in these countries:

Orbit Edition

You could also download the Orbit Kindle edition, which comes with the cover from their new series of paperbacks, published in 2021.

The Path of Daggers paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts the portcullis gate of a city wall, and the choppy water that rolls against it.

Download the Orbit edition at Amazon in these countries:

Explore Every Avenue of The Path of Daggers

The Path of Daggers is not just a journey through words on a screen. This pivotal eighth book in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series unfolds in various formats, each offering a unique way to experience the gripping saga.

Whether you prefer the tangible feel of a book or the convenience of digital and audio formats, The Path of Daggers is ready to accompany you in your preferred style. Check out comprehensive insights and details on these formats at The Shining Walls:




Kindle Edition [you are here]

I hope this guide has helped you add The Path of Daggers Kindle edition to your Wheel of Time collection. If there’s anything else you’re curious about or wish to discuss, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Your insights and experiences add depth to our journey.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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