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Another Astonishing Fantasy: A Crown of Swords Paperbacks

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A Crown of Swords paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts the ruins of a wall.

A Crown of Swords is generally perceived as a defining moment of change for The Wheel of Time series. While contributing significantly to ongoing themes, there are concerns among readers about pacing, character development, and some elements of the plot. Individual opinions on the book vary, but it remains an integral part of the epic fantasy saga created by Robert Jordan.

The Seanchan are still a threat, and their invasion focuses on Ebou Dar, where half our heroes are searching for the powerful ter’angreal that can reverse abnormal weather. The crown of Illian changes hands and name, and new enemies awaken.

You can expect the usual fare when getting your A Crown of Swords paperback. It has an impactful ending, memorable events, and fantastic dialogue. Find your favorite edition, and buy from my select choice of retailers for another astonishing fantasy epic!

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About A Crown of Swords

A Crown of Swords was written by Robert Jordan and is the seventh novel in his riveting fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. It is best known for the behavior of Tylin Mitsobar and the introduction of a rare species of Shadowspawn. There’s also a return to Shadar Logoth and an iconic moment for Nynaeve al’Meara. It’s a great read!

Rand enjoys precious time with Min Farshaw while preparing to launch his attack on Sammael, the Forsaken known as the Destroyer of Hope; Egwene and Siuan try to rouse the rebel Aes Sedai into action against the White Tower; and Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, and Mat Cauthon look for the Bowl of the Winds.

A Crown of Swords was published in 1996, and you’ll be halfway through the series once you’re done.

Reading Age

A Crown of Swords is suitable for anyone in their mid-teens or older. An understanding of the series so far is needed by this point, so don’t read it as a standalone.

Reading Order

You should be opening your copy of A Crown of Swords after completing Lord of Chaos and before moving on to the eighth book in the series, The Path of Daggers.

Book Spiel (Spanish Edition)

La Corona De Espadas, the Spanish edition of A Crown of Swords, uses this revealing book spiel, translated for your enjoyment:

“Elayne, Nynaeve, and Aviendha continue their investigations in Ebou Dar to find the ter’angreal with which they could stop the terrible heatwave that is plaguing the world. To do this, they meet with the Sea Folk, who give the object the name Bowl of the Winds. Egwene continues her struggle to be the Amyrlin Seat chosen by the rebel Aes Sedai, and to end the control that the Sitters and other groups of sisters have over her.

Meanwhile, in the different kingdoms, nobles and leaders continue to seek their own benefit, without keeping in mind that the Dark One’s hand is touching the world and that the Last Battle is approaching.”

Where to Buy A Crown of Swords Paperbacks

A Crown of Swords is available to purchase now! Here’s where you can find it:


You can find both new and used copies of various paperback editions of A Crown of Swords on Amazon.

Most Recent Paperback Edition of A Crown of Swords

This is the most recent paperback edition of A Crown of Swords and is part of a set published by Orbit in 2021 with designs done by Duncan Spilling. The cover has a stone wall with a gaping hole overlooking the hilly terrain. It may depict a scene in Altara, but it could be Illian or even Shadar Logoth.

Tor Books Paperback Edition of A Crown of Swords

The cover for this 2013 trade paperback edition of A Crown of Swords depicts the iconic scene where Cadsuane and Rand meet for the first time. The art is by Tyler Jacobson.

Mass-Market Edition of A Crown of Swords

The cover for this mass-market edition of A Crown of Swords, published by Tor Books in 2020, partially depicts the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan. The color is dark vanilla.

Older Paperback Editions of A Crown of Swords

Using the links for these older paperback editions of A Crown of Swords will direct you to an appropriate page on Amazon if the version isn’t available in your country.

Mass-Market 1997 Edition from Tor Books

The cover for the 1997 mass-market edition of A Crown of Swords shows Rand in Aridhol, now known as Shadar Logoth. The art is by Darrell K. Sweet.

1997 Edition from Time Warner Books UK

The cover for the 1997 paperback edition of A Crown of Swords from Time Warner Books UK has the snake-wheel symbol in a dark green color with a much lighter border.

2014 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the 2014 Orbit paperback edition of A Crown of Swords has a titanium snake-wheel symbol on a granite gray background.


Join the quest for the Bowl of the Winds! Discover a range of A Crown of Swords paperbacks on AbeBooks. They’re perfect for completing your collection.

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Find a literary jewel with all the nostalgia of a classic bookstore. Biblio offers a delightful browsing experience, perfect for discovering your ideal edition of A Crown of Swords. Find A Crown of Swords paperbacks at

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Blackwell’s, a name synonymous with bookselling since 1879, offers a selection of A Crown of Swords paperbacks. Find your favorite edition and rely on their excellent service and international reach. Choose from the latest paperback edition of A Crown of Swords (Orbit, 2021), the mass-market 2020 edition, or the 2013 edition with Cadsuane and Rand on the cover. banner

Support independent bookstores as you venture through The Wheel of Time! helps you find A Crown of Swords and ensures the booksellers you love continue to flourish. Use these links to buy A Crown of Swords paperbacks at

United States

2013 edition from Tor Books

2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books

United Kingdom

2021 edition from Orbit

Available Formats for A Crown of Swords

You can find similar posts at The Shining Walls covering these alternative formats for A Crown of Swords:

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I hope you found your favorite A Crown of Swords paperback, but let me know in the comments if you need any help.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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