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Acts of Ambition: Lord of Chaos Hardcover

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Lord of Chaos hardcover, October 1994 edition from Tor Books. The cover has Rand al'Thor in a billowy white shirt and a Draghkar overhead.

Ambition and retribution fuel chaos and despair in the sixth installment of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn and perhaps the titular Lord of Chaos, struggles to unite nations against the coming storm while schemers and rivals plot their own paths to power. The Dark One stirs, manipulating events, and treacherous schemes unravel, throwing loyalties into question.

For devoted fans of The Wheel of Time, owning a Lord of Chaos hardcover is like having a feisty pillow friend. They are there when needed, but they are totally bonkers. There will be the thrashing of arms and screams at night, but you won’t want to part with this riotous book. It is another novel at the forefront of Wheel of Time conversations and a testament to Robert Jordan’s enduring legacy. Let me hook you up.

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Acts of Ambition

Robert Jordan’s Lord of Chaos delivers a tsunamic wave of intrigue, ambition, and escalating chaos. Rand al’Thor tightens his grip on power amidst scheming nobles and rival factions of Aes Sedai. Egwene al’Vere battles her conscience and heart, receiving a summons to serve. All the while, the Forsaken plot in darkness, their manipulation and acts of ambition stoking conflict and sowing seeds of rebellion.

Inside the Story: Lord of Chaos explores the dangerous allure of power and the corrupting influence of ambition. Burdened by his destiny, Rand seeks to master his potential while surrounded by those who seek to control him for their own gain. Meanwhile, the Forsaken, driven by their insatiable lust for power, twist and exploit every weakness they can find, playing a long game of destruction.

Within this struggle, the lines between loyalties blur. Mistrust and self-preservation threaten even the strongest bonds, revealing hidden agendas and sowing discord among those who must stand united. As chaos reigns, the weight of leadership becomes a crushing burden, with far-reaching consequences for every choice made.

Lord of Chaos is a defining moment in the series. Shocking revelations and a heart-pounding climax leave you reeling and desperate to turn the next page. This book will ignite your passions and set you firmly on the path that leads to Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle.

Lord of Chaos Teaser Text (French Edition)

Le Seigneur du Chaos, the French edition of Lord of Chaos, uses this riveting teaser text, translated for your enjoyment:

“For the first time, the White Tower is divided. While the renegade sisters have regrouped in Salidar, Elaida still reigns over Tar Valon. But both sides share the same ambitions for Rand, the Dragon Reborn, who represents a potential ally of the first importance. But this is the least of Rand’s worries, as he concentrates on preparing his great offensive against Sammael while his allies each face their own destiny, and the power of the Aes Sedai continues to grow.”

Find your Lord of Chaos hardcover below:

Where to Buy Lord of Chaos Hardcovers

Now that you’re caught in the chaos, let’s explore your options, from dependable sellers to those elusive and highly coveted editions!


Amazon is the master of convenience when it comes to book buying. They offer a broad selection of Lord of Chaos hardcovers, both new and used, often with speedy delivery options.

1994 Hardcover Edition from Tor Books

This is the reprinted 1994 Tor Books hardcover edition of Lord of Chaos. The cover art by Darrell K. Sweet depicts Rand in a white shirt, with a kneeling Aes Sedai and a circling Draghkar setting a grim tone.


AbeBooks offers Lord of Chaos hardcover editions, from pristine new releases to well-loved copies bearing the marks of their journeys. Let the search begin!

Search results for new copies only: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio embraces distinctive and well-loved editions of the Lord of Chaos hardcover. Explore their shelves with an open mind – you might find unexpected gems whispering of battles fought and pages loved. Find Lord of Chaos hardcovers at

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Blackwell of Oxford, a trusted UK bookseller, is a dependable choice for securing your Lord of Chaos hardcover. They offer convenient worldwide delivery, perfect for readers seeking a piece of classic British bookselling tradition. banner

The Wheel turns, and offers a unique way to secure your Lord of Chaos hardcover. Your quest can directly support independent bookstores and nourish the literary landscape. Let your purchase weave a positive thread in the Pattern!

American visitors can buy the Lord of Chaos hardcover at, and you can browse my book lists, which are also available in the UK.

More Ways to Enjoy Lord of Chaos

Whether you’ve secured your Lord of Chaos hardcover or are still seeking the perfect edition, the journey doesn’t end here! Explore these similar posts for alternative experiences:

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Did you find the ideal Lord of Chaos hardcover for your collection? Share your treasure hunt experiences in the comments!

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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