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Crafts of Beauty and Care: New Spring Graphic Novel & Comic Books

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The Wheel of Time prequel novel, New Spring, was adapted over 8 comic book editions, which were then bound in a single volume, becoming the New Spring graphic novel. It has extra content to elevate its appeal, including correspondence between Robert Jordan and Chuck Dixon and developmental art.

The illustrated works were fully endorsed by Robert Jordan and are crafted with beauty and care by Chuck Dixon, an expert in his field. The art is by Mike Miller and Harvey Tolibao. They capture familiar characters from The Wheel of Time series, such as Moiraine, Lan, Siuan, Elaida, and Cadsuane, amongst others. You’ll be thrilled!

You’ll find that most physical copies of the New Spring graphic novel are in used condition now, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on a copy. Along with The Eye of the World graphic novels, this is a must-have addition to any ardent fan’s collection.

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New Spring Graphic Novel

“In the last few years before his death, Robert Jordan worked closely with Chuck Dixon and Mike Miller on the graphic adaptation of New Spring.

The eight full-color issues of New Spring, released between 2005 and 2010, tell the story of the search for the infant Dragon Reborn and of the adventures of Moiraine Damodred, a young Aes Sedai, and Lan Mandragoran, the uncrowned king of a long-dead nation.

Adapted by noted comics writer Chuck Dixon with the full cooperation of Robert Jordan and illustrated by artists Mike Miller and Harvey Tolibao, New Spring will delight any of Robert Jordan’s millions of readers.”

Buy the New Spring Graphic Novel at Amazon

The links I’ve shared will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon, though I have direct links to buy the New Spring graphic novel in the the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, and Australia.


The New Spring graphic novel was published by Tor Books in January 2011. As you might expect, the cover features Moiraine Damodred and al’Lan Mandragoran. Moiraine has her kesiera on her forehead, while Lan wears his hadori.

The ISBN-10 for the paperback is 076532380X, and the ISBN-13 is 978-0765323804. It has 256 pages. You can use the links to buy this version of New Spring: The Graphic Novel at Amazon in these countries:


The hardcover edition is, well, harder to come by. You should still be able to find a copy through the shopping outlets I recommend in this post. Expect them to be in used condition, though.

The ISBN-10 for the hardcover is 1611297559, and the ISBN-13 is 978-1611297553. You can use the links to buy this version of New Spring: The Graphic Novel at Amazon in the following countries:

Kindle Edition

New Spring: The Graphic Novel is also available as a Kindle Edition, but you’ll need a decent device to house it as the file size comes in at a whopping 377,655 kilobytes. As before, follow the links to buy the New Spring graphic novel for Kindle (and compatible devices) at Amazon in these countries:

New Spring Comic Books for Kindle

The New Spring comic books are readily available for Kindle and comiXology. The physical editions are also attainable, but they are sparse (you can check when you go through the individual Kindle links below).

The comic books were published by Red Eagle Entertainment in 2005 and completed by Dabel Brothers in 2009/10. The first 5 comics were released monthly, but there was a gap of four years (Robert Jordan passed away in 2007) before the remaining 3 comic books were released.

The Kindle editions of the New Spring comic books are published by Dynamite Entertainment. The file sizes are large, so be prepared for lengthy and heavy downloads.

Bulk Purchase

You can buy the entire series of New Spring comic books at Amazon or choose the ones you need. Just follow the links to do so in these countries:

Of course, you can buy them individually, too. The links will take you to your country’s Amazon store.

Issue 1: The Hook

Issue 1, The Hook, covers the first 2 chapters of New Spring. The file size is 20,290 kilobytes.

“A savage battle rages as a coalition of warriors led by Lan Mandragoran bravely fight to repel the invasion of the Aiel, a barbarous people from the barren lands of the Aiel Waste. However, while war among men boils forth, the Dark One once again grows powerful, and his minions begin to cast a wicked shadow over the land.”

Issue 2: Practice

Issue 2, Practice, covers chapters 3 to 5 of New Spring. The file size is 17,899 kilobytes.

“The epic battle of the Blood Snow has ended, and the Amyrlin has called upon two young acolytes of the White Tower to leave the protection of Tar Valon to search the battlefield for a newborn babe. They go forth under the pretense of giving aid, but Moiraine and Siuan know that they are searching for no less than the Dragon Reborn… and they are not alone in the hunt.”

Issue 3: Shreds of Serenity

Issue 3, Shreds of Serenity, covers chapters 6 to 8 of New Spring. The file size is 18,148 kilobytes.

“The hunt for the Dragon Reborn continues, but Moiraine finds herself cut off from her quest at every turn. The Aes Sedai removing her from the search, even the deaths within her own family, do not impede her drive to find the child in time to save him.

With the companionship of her closest ally, Siuan, the search continues for he who will both save the world and destroy it. Her task is compounded by her approaching ordeal: the test to become a full sister within the organization of Aes Sedai. There has never been more to lose, and everything hangs in the balance.”

Issue 4: It Begins

Issue 4, It Begins, covers chapters 9 to 11 of New Spring. The file size is 17,923 kilobytes.

“The Dragon Reborn has again come into the world. It is unthinkable that this tiny and helpless babe has been prophesied to one day have the power to either destroy the world or save it from the sinister reach of the Dark One.

Moiraine has been charged to seek out and protect the infant before he is found by others who would destroy him and change the fate of the world forever. But before Moiraine can embark upon her quest, she must complete her journey toward becoming an Aes Sedai. For the sake of the world, she submits to a series of perilous tests to prove herself worthy of joining the elusive and powerful order, facing her greatest fears and ready to cheat death itself.”

Issue 5: Business in the City

Issue 5, Business in the City, covers chapters 12 to 14 of New Spring. The file size is 18,963 kilobytes.

“Moiraine Sedai scours a war-torn land in a desperate race to find the newborn child who has been prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn before the force of darkness can destroy him. Along the road, her path crosses with al’Lan Mandragoran, a king without a country and a man with only a sword to his name. He is destined to join in her search… and change her life forever.”

Issue 6: The Deep

Issue 6, The Deep, covers chapters 15 to 18 of New Spring. The file size is 18,638 kilobytes.

“al’Lan Mandragoran, uncrowned king of the lost nation Malkier, makes his way to the city of Chachin. He is chasing a rumor that Lady Edeyn, a woman from his past, intends to lead a crusade of warriors in an effort to reclaim his lost country from the Blight. Unexpectedly, his journey will lead him to Moiraine, who is on a crusade of her own, a secret and desperate search for a child born of prophecy. The Dragon has been reborn in the world, and the fate of all will rest on the shoulders of those who find him.”

Issue 7: Pond Water

Issue 7, Pond Water, covers chapters 19 to 22 of New Spring. The file size is 18,468 kilobytes.

“On the slopes of Dragonmount, a child is born, an infant prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine Damodred, a young Aes Sedai, and al’Lan Mandragoran, the uncrowned king of Malkier, are set on paths that will bind their lives together. These paths are filled with complications and dangers for Moiraine and Lan, and the plots of those seeking power threaten their lives the closer they get to the Dragon Reborn. In the city of Chachin, they must embrace a destiny that will mean either salvation or damnation for the entire world.”

Issue 8: The Evening Star

Issue 8, The Evening Star, covers the final 5 chapters of New Spring and the epilogue. The file size is 19,874 kilobytes.

“The long-awaited conclusion! The historic binding of al’Lan Mandragoran as Warder to Moiraine of the Aes Sedai is upon us, and the search ensues for the Dragon Reborn so that he may be saved to fulfill his destiny and oppose the Dark One in an ultimate Last Battle. However, followers of the Dark One also know the prophecy, and a desperate race ensues with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance. The adventure has just begun!”

Other Retailers for New Spring: The Graphic Novel

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only retailer stocking the New Spring graphic novel. Below are 2 alternative places to shop for it today:


AbeBooks offers books, fine art, and collectibles, helping you discover and buy the things you love. Trusted independent sellers from around the world offer for sale millions of new, used, and rare books, as well as art and collectibles, through the AbeBooks websites.

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Search for author “Chuck Dixon” + title “New Spring” and sort by relevance to find copies of the New Spring graphic novel at AbeBooks. I’ve run this search for you at each of the AbeBooks websites, so you don’t have to, and there are some excellent value copies to consider: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Biblio was created for the love of books and a desire to give local bookstores global reach. They believe their customers aren’t looking for just an ordinary product; they’re searching for a genuine experience that harkens back to the touch and smells of an old bookshop from a former time. It’s why I personally enjoy shopping with Biblio, and they’re great for finding old books and rare items.

I searched for Chuck Dixon / New Spring and found several copies of the graphic novel listed there. Find this book at

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Other Formats for New Spring

Are you in awe of the graphic novel but fancy something more conventional? Well, I’ve done similar posts to ensure you get a copy of New Spring in your preferred format. Check them out:




Kindle Edition

Graphic Novel [you are here]

I hope you found what you were looking for. Please let me know in the comments if you need help.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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