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A Turning Point: Crossroads of Twilight Paperbacks

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Crossroads of Twilight paperback, Orbit's September 2021 edition. The cover depicts a twilight haze in a forest with tall trees.

In Robert Jordan’s tenth installment of The Wheel of Time, the Pattern weaves with subtle complexity as characters face uncertainty and shifting alliances. It marks a turning point for the series, introducing more challenges for our heroes of the Light.

Rand has cleansed the taint on saidin, but fear remains widespread. For the other ta’veran, Perrin must search the darkest parts of himself to free the brightest, and Mat courts his would-be wife, pursued by the Deathwatch Guard. Egwene and Elayne earnestly seek power for the Last Battle, but neither is unchallenged. Thus, the lines are drawn in these final days, and the shadows stretch.

I’ve sourced all the available Crossroads of Twilight paperbacks to make finding your favorite editions of the book as convenient as possible. Keep reading for more about the plot and book spiel. Soon, you’ll be ready to pick your preferred paperback from 5 carefully selected retailers.

A row of books on a gradient green background. Green and white typography reads, “The Wheel of Time Book 10: Crossroads of Twilight Paperback.”

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About Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight was written by Robert Jordan and is the tenth novel in his widely acclaimed fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. It tells a tale of unfinished business.

Logain Ablar is admonished when Rand hears that Asha’man have been bonding with Aes Sedai, and the Dragon Reborn fails to act on warnings of treachery at the Black Tower. Instead, Rand hopes to make a truce with the Seanchan invaders and sends Logain with Loial and Davram Bashere to broker peace.

Perrin Aybara goes to extreme lengths to track down the Shaido camp, where his wife is held captive. However, he may need to make an unlikely alliance to break her free. Faile is doing the same from within.

Egwene continues her siege outside Tar Valon, Elayne seeks the support of the nobility, and Mat and Tuon get more acquainted. The Black Ajah are under pressure in the White Tower, and Mesaana is humbled by Shaidar Haran, the Hand of the Dark.

Reading Age

Young readers aged 14 to 17 are the target market for The Wheel of Time novels, but adults still get immense satisfaction from the series. Crossroads of Twilight requires knowledge of the previous nine books to be enjoyed.

Reading Order

Crossroads of Twilight follows Winter’s Heart in the main series, with Knife of Dreams being the next book, where the action starts to ramp up. You could also read New Spring at this point. The prequel novel was published in 2004, a year after Crossroads of Twilight and before the next volume.

Book Spiel (Spanish Edition)

Encrucijada En El Crepúsculo, the Spanish edition of Crossroads of Twilight, uses this teasing book spiel, translated for your enjoyment:

“Mat Cauthon flees with the Daughter of the Nine Moons while the Shadow and the Seanchan Empire engage in a relentless pursuit. The heir to the Throne of Andor, surrounded by enemies who plot her destruction, could fall into the hands of the Shadow and drag the Dragon Reborn with her, and Egwene al’Vere lays siege to the Aes Sedai center of power, but she must win quickly to prevent the Asha’man from being the only ones capable of defending the world from the Dark One.

After cleansing the male half of the True Source, Rand al’Thor is forced to take great risks without knowing for sure who his allies and enemies are.”

Where to Buy Crossroads of Twilight Paperbacks

Here’s a quick guide to finding Crossroads of Twilight at your favorite stores:


Amazon often has reader discussions related to Crossroads of Twilight, and you can find various paperback editions there as well.

Most Recent Paperback Edition of Crossroads of Twilight

The cover for Crossroads of Twilight’s most recent paperback edition depicts a forest setting. An evocative twilight haze shines through the trees in, I suspect, a wooded area outside Malden. This is where Perrin abandons his axe, as we see in the following image. It is part of Orbit’s complete set, published in September 2021 and designed by Duncan Spilling.

Tor Books Paperback Edition of Crossroads of Twilight

The cover for this 2014 trade paperback edition of Crossroads of Twilight has Perrin Aybara walking away from his axe, which he leaves abandoned in a tree. It is a poignant scene from the book. The art is by Greg Ruth.

Mass-Market Edition of Crossroads of Twilight

The cover for this mass-market edition of Crossroads of Twilight, published by Tor Books in 2020, partially depicts the snake-wheel symbol trademarked by Robert Jordan. The color is misty moss.

Older Paperback Editions of Crossroads of Twilight

Using the links for these older paperback editions of Crossroads of Twilight will direct you to an appropriate page on Amazon if the version isn’t available in your country.

Mass-Market 2003 Edition from Tor Books

The cover for the 2003 mass-market edition of Crossroads of Twilight has Mat Cauthon riding Pips. He is armed with his ashandarei weapon, a polearm with a straight blade and turned tip. The art is by Darrell K. Sweet.

Mass-Market 2003 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the mass-market edition of Crossroads of Twilight from Orbit has the snake-wheel symbol in orange.

2003 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the 2003 Orbit paperback edition of Crossroads of Twilight has a gold snake-wheel symbol on a red-pattern background.

2014 Edition from Orbit

The cover for the 2014 Orbit paperback edition of Crossroads of Twilight has a wenge snake-wheel symbol on an old mauve background. At the time of writing, there was no stock available at Amazon.

Crossroads of Twilight paperback, Orbit's 2014 edition. The cover has the snake-wheel symbol on a damson background.
Orbit, 2014 Edition

The ISBN-10 for this edition is 0356503917, and the ISBN-13 is 978-0356503912.


The story stands at a crossroads, so choose your reading path with AbeBooks. Their selection of Crossroads of Twilight paperbacks is extraordinary!

Search results for new copies: Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.


Navigate these pivotal crossroads with the comforting feel of a beloved bookstore. Biblio creates a reading haven, perfect for exploring Crossroads of Twilight. Find Crossroads of Twilight paperbacks at

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Blackwell’s, a cornerstone of bookselling since 1879, is your source for different Crossroads of Twilight paperbacks. Enjoy their secure worldwide delivery and commitment to quality. Use these links for the most recent paperback edition of Crossroads of Twilight (Orbit, 2021), the mass-market 2020 edition, or the 2014 edition with Perrin Aybara on the cover abandoning his axe. banner

Your reading choices make a difference! When you find Crossroads of Twilight on, you’re directly supporting independent bookstores and the vibrant world of books. Use these links to buy Crossroads of Twilight paperbacks at

United States

2014 edition from Tor Books

2020 mass-market edition from Tor Books

United Kingdom

2021 edition from Orbit

Available Formats for Crossroads of Twilight

You can find similar posts at The Shining Walls covering these alternative formats for Crossroads of Twilight:

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I hope you found the Crossroads of Twilight paperback you wanted, but let me know in the comments if you need any help.

Until next time, may the Light shine on you, my friends!


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